13 February 2012

Oden's Extreme: Creamy Wintergreen - Review. 13 February 12.

After testing Oden's Extreme Wintergreen for the past few months, GN Tobacco has finally released their latest masterpiece, and it continues to get better and better. The Snus Magician I mentioned in my review of Oden's Extreme Lakrits is at it again with another fabulous release. I know, I know - you're probably like "Wait, doesn't Chad hate Wintergreen?" Yes yes, tis true - I am not a fan of Wintergreen. But as I mentioned in the Lakrits review, I'm not a fan of Licorice either - but GN made that taste good, and surprise surprise! They've made Wintergreen taste good. When you open the can you'll notice the weirdest, strangest thing. The aroma of Wintergreen doesn't jump out and kick you in the teeth. It's a very smooth and gentle Wintergreen. It's quite interesting, because until this one every Wintergreen snus I've ever put in my face has smelled like "OMG Wintergreen". It's hard to explain, but I think the taste profile may have something to do with the balance of aromas in this one. BuySnus describes it as "Oden’s Extreme susprises with the flavor of American Wintergreen and a nicotine content of 22mg/g. Oden’s Extreme currently is the world’s strongest snus! Expect the unexpected!"

When GN began testing this one, it was codenamed "Creamy Wintergreen". Though that sounded kinda weird at the time, it's very fitting when you talk about the way this stuff tastes. It's almost like a Wintergreen Cream Soda. That may sound like the grossest thing ever, but it works. Some of you may have heard that and thought, "Oh yeah!". This snus tastes so, so good. As much as I detest the taste of Wintergreen, this may be one I'd order 4 or 5 cans of to keep around just for that odd craving I may get for something different. The taste is so mellow and completely balanced - this slight creamy taste is mixed with the flavor of Wintergreen in the most beautiful way. Like I said before - Snus Magicians. I've become convinced that GN could make pretty much any snus taste good. If the day ever comes that "Shit Sandwich Extreme" comes out, I imagine he'd find a way to make that taste good, too. So - a big thumbs up to this one, and if you're a fan of Wintergreen or not a fan of Wintergreen, check this out. It's a definite winner in my book.

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  1. I got some of this I don't even taste a hint of wintergreen. Mine mostly tastes like crap, I am gonna get another can to try but this doesn't even taste like straight tobacco.