13 February 2012

Oden's Extreme: Creamy Wintergreen - Review. 13 February 12.

Review Updated: 29 June 2018 

It's been 6 years since I've reviewed this snus.  Every now and then I could get ahold of some, but it wasn't something I was able to find regularly.  I know, you're probably asking yourself why I would be using a wintergreen snus, knowing that I'm not a big fan of wintergreen.  To this date, almost 9 years after I started reviewing snus, this is the only wintergreen snus I can say that I enjoy. In fact, SnusCENTRAL.com just started carrying it and as soon as it went on sale, I ordered a roll. It should be noted, this is the first roll of a wintergreen product I have ever purchased.  For me, that's a pretty big deal.

The product description for this one says, "Odens Extreme Creamy Wintergreen Portion snus is a very high nicotine snus with flavors of wintergreen, vanilla and other herbs. A very interesting snus!" This snus comes in an 18 gram can with 18 portions for 1 gram portions. The nicotine content is 22mg/g (2.2%), which breaks down to 22mg/portion.

The best I've ever been able to describe this snus is saying it's like a wintergreen cream soda, or a wintergreen vanilla float. I know, that probably sounds disgusting, but trust me, it works.  When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is a is a mild but sweet smell of wintergreen and a touch of vanilla.  The portions are quite plump, and feel comfortable in the lip.  I find them to be less moist than your regular original portion, which I really like.  The flavor releases about the same as a more moist original portion, but I find it lasts much longer.  The taste is very much like the aroma.  And, very much like the name; it is a creamy taste of wintergreen.  The wintergreen flavor is relatively mild and is lightly sweet.  There is a gentle flavor of vanilla that pairs quite well with the wintergreen.  I know, vanilla wintergreen just sounds weird but it works.  After about 20-25 minutes, I notice a mild tobacco character in the background, as well.  The flavor lasts a good amount of time; I find I can keep these in for up to 50-55 minutes, which is slightly longer than most original portions.  The nicotine feels to be at the extra strong level, so it packs a nice kick, as well.

If you're a fan of wintergreen, or if you aren't a fan of wintergreen, I suggest everyone try this snus out.  Even if you get just one can, it's worth a shot.  I don't like wintergreen and I love it.


  1. I got some of this I don't even taste a hint of wintergreen. Mine mostly tastes like crap, I am gonna get another can to try but this doesn't even taste like straight tobacco.

    1. Perhaps give it another try. It's very good!