25 July 2014

Swedish Snus Suggestions. Updated 16 January 2019.

Lately, I've been doing a lot of work on our Snus FAQ to make it more approachable, helpful and organized for people who are new to snus. Some of the most common questions I receive are:

"What do you suggest for someone who is new to snus?"
"What product tastes like Camel Mellow?"
"What snus would you suggest for someone who is coming over from dip?"
"What do you suggest for my first online snus order?"

It's true that every case is different, and everyone's taste vary, so I made a general outline of some products I feel are approachable to everyone.  This doesn't guarantee you'll like every product I recommend, but these are some that I feel anyone can enjoy and at least come away with 5-10 favorites from this list.  It isn't as easy to get snus online, so I do always suggest buying in bulk whenever you buy online.

When it comes to trying new snus, I recommend white portion to people who are new to snus because it's less drip and the flavors are more mild.  Though some products only come in original portion, I usually try to steer people who are new to snus towards white portions to begin.  I also don't recommend loose to people who don't have a background with dip, though there are some types of loose that are very easy to work with and approachable to the beginner.  We'll get more into that later.

Each product recommended below will have a link in the title that takes you to my review of that product.

Updated 16 January 2019:  I originally wrote this article on 25 July 2014, and many of my recommendations have been discontinued and new products have also come to market.  This update reflects some new suggestions I have!

First, our friends at the SnusCENTRAL e-store have added a Snubie New User Snus Selection package to their store which includes 10 products I suggest all people who are new to snus try. If you don't wish to pick and choose from the suggestions I have below, I definitely suggest picking up this box. I hand picked all 10 of these snuses to help people who are new to snus, and SnusCENTRAL is selling this package at a discount, which I really appreciate.

Alcohol Flavored Snus

This is a developing category in the snus world and over the past few years it has been growing more and more!

Islay Whisky Snus - This is a single malt Islay whisky snus with a heavy taste of peat.  (**Chad's Favorite Alcohol Flavor**)
Crafted Snus Whisky - This is a single malt Scottish Highlands whisky snus with a great taste.
Mackmyra Whisky Snus - This one is made in partnership with Mackmyra Whisky in Sweden and has a tasty, smoky whisky taste with a touch of tar!

Alternative Flavors

This is snus that doesn't really fit into any other category.

Goteborg's Rape Original Portion - This is a juniper flavored snus that I greatly enjoy.  (**Chad's Favorite Alternative Flavor**)
Jakobsson's Flader - This one is flavored with elderflower and is a great summer taste!
Nick and Johnny Americana - This is a very unique flavor. It has a taste almost like Cherry Dr. Pepper.
Lundgren's Skane Vit - This is a snus that really reminds you of nature. This one has a little forest berry in the taste.
Lundgren's Norrland White - Another "nature" themed snus with a taste of pine.  Really unique flavor!
Jakobsson's Strong Cola - If you like cola, this is a must try!
Oden's Vanilla Portion - This is a nice dessert snus with a vanilla taste.
Olde Ving Fudge - If you like chocolate, this is one to check out.
Olde Ving 99 - This is the only coffee flavored snus on the market. If you're a coffee lover, give it a try!

Fruit Flavored Snus

Fruit flavored snus is another category that has been growing in popularity and diversity the past several years.

Melon Flavors
Jakobsson's Melon Strong - This was the first melon snus released and has a sweeter taste of melon!  (**Chad's Favorite Fruit Flavor**)
Oden's Extreme Melon - This one is newer, and has a more mild, natural taste of melon.
Epok Melon - This is probably my favorite melon snus because it has a taste of canteloupe!

Misc Fruit Flavors
Goteborg’s Rape Lingon - This snus is flavored with lingonberry - it has a nice mix of sweet and tart.
Oden’s 29 Original Portion - This is a delicious apple flavored snus.
Epok Blueberry - This is a blueberry flavored snus that I really enjoy.

Licorice Flavored Snus

I admit, licorice snus isn't for everyone.  As an American, black licorice wasn't something I enjoyed until I discovered snus.  But if you're into it - there are some tasty products with that flavor!  These are the three best ones, in my opinion.

Catch Licorice (White) - This one has a milder taste of licorice and a hint of tobacco.  (**Chad's Favorite Licorice Flavor**)
Oden's Lakrits - This one reminds me a lot of black jelly belly jelly beans!
LD Salmiak - If you like salty black licorice, this is a great one!
Kapten Salmiak Extra Stark Vit - Another great tasting salty black licorice snus!

Loose Snus

Loose isn't for everyone, but if you want to check it out, I do have some suggestions.  Also, check out our "Switching From Dip To Snus" article, it has a lot of tips on using loose snus!

Goteborg's Prima Fint Los - This is my favorite loose.  It has a very mild, natural, simple tobacco taste.  (**Chad's Favorite Los**)
Ettan Los - This one has an earthy, tobacco flavor with a hint of chocolate.
Grov Los - This one is a rich, robust tobacco taste.
Roda Lacket Los - This one has a nice, dried fruit flavor.

Mint Flavored Snus

Mint wasn't a big thing in the Swedish Snus world when I started, but now it's everywhere.  If you like mint, these suggestions will be sorted based on type of mint.  There are many out there, but these are some of my favorites.

Spearmint Snus
Nick and Johnny Green Ice - Really nice, mellow spearmint flavor.
Oden's Cold Slim White Dry - This one is quite strong, but I like the milder spearmint flavor of this one when I want something stronger.

Peppermint Snus
General Mint - as far as peppermint/natural mint snus goes, it doesn't get any better than this one.
Thunder Cool Mint Slim White Dry - This one is a stronger snus, but I really enjoy the mellow/smooth peppermint taste.
Catch XRANGE Mint - This one has a nice peppermint flavor but is a little more complex in taste!  (**Chad's Favorite Mint Flavor**)

Mint Blends/Complex Mint 
U-Sample No7 Sweet Mint - This one is very unique and has a great mint/vanilla flavor!
Jakobsson's Mint - This one has a nice mint flavor, a little menthol, and a nice herbal character in the background.
Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice - This one is a blend of mint, spearmint and wintergreen.  It is surprisingly good!

Tobacco-Centric Snus

If you want snus that is a basic, tobacco snus - look no further.  There are many great offerings for tobacco lovers!

Ettan White Portion - This one is an earthy tobacco taste with a hint of chocolate.
Tre Ankare White Portion - This one has a mild tobacco character with a light herbal taste.
Grov Original Portion - This snus is a well rounded, robust tobacco flavor.  (**Chad's Favorite Tobacco Flavor**)
The Lab 06 Slim Portion - One of my favorites - this is a tobacco centric snus with hints of nut and wood.
Oden's Extreme Original Portion - This snus has a bold tobacco taste with a strong peppery flavor.

Traditional Flavored Snus

In the Swedish Snus world, "bergamot" is the traditional Swedish Snus flavor.  I wasn't into it at first, but once I got into the citrus flavor profile it became my true love.  These are some suggestions if you want to check that category out.

General G3 Slim Strong Original - This is, in my opinion, the best way to enjoy the traditional Swedish Snus flavor.  (**Chad's Favorite Traditional Flavor**)
General Original Portion - As far as traditional snus goes, General is the king.  And the original portion is the best way to enjoy it!
General XRANGE Original Slim - If you like slim portions, this is a milder taste of General in a minimal-drip/slim portion format.
General White Portion - I used this one for many years.  It's a milder taste, but still has the classic General flavor.
Skruf Xtra Stark Portion - This one is quite strong, but I find it to have an amazing flavor.  Skruf adds rose oil to the recipe and this one showcases that along with tobacco and citrus!

Wintergreen Flavored Snus

I'm not a wintergreen fan, so take these suggestions with a grain of salt.  But, based on all the wintergreen products I've reviewed, these are the ones I found to be the most pleasant.

Oden's Creamy Wintergreen - this is the only wintergreen flavored snus I actually enjoy.  (**Chad's Favorite Wintergreen Flavor**)

Jakobsson's Wintergreen - This one is a more mellow taste of wintergreen and is slightly sweet.
Thunder Wintergreen - This one is straight up wintergreen, but I find the taste to be more enjoyable.

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