03 November 2014

Oden's Cold Extra Stark and Extreme Cold Los - Reviews. 3 November 2014.

I've been catching up on our reviews lately, and the latest batch has been snuses that are exclusive to OdensSnus.com. We have a lot of readers in Europe who buy from them quite often, so I wanted to get reviews caught up that are only sold from OdensSnus.com.  These aren't for sale via the web stores that sell to the US, so these reviews are for our friends overseas. When it comes to GN Tobacco's "Cold" line, there are a  large variety of products under that name. In the past I've reviewed Oden's Cold Extreme Portion, Oden's Cold White Dry, Oden's Cold Portion, Oden's Power Cold White Dry and Oden's Cold Stark White Dry.

One question that I get asked often is about the difference in Oden's products nicotine strength by product name.  Regular Oden's Snus products come in at 8mg/g-9mg/g of nicotine.  Oden's Power comes in at 12mg/g.  Oden's Stark Snus comes in at 15mg/g.  Oden's Extra Stark comes in at 17mg/g-18mg/g.  Oden's Extreme comes in at 22mg/g.  So each product name denotes a different strength in nicotine.

Oden's Cold Extra Stark comes in at 18mg/g of nicotine. The portions are original portions and moist but not too moist. The aroma is a natural smell of spearmint, but not super sweet. The portion has great mouthfeel and has a nice little burn/tingle in the lip. The flavor is a fresh, clean, natural spearmint taste. It's not too sweet, and you can pick up a little hint of the tobacco in the background and a little pepper flavor.  If you like the Oden's Cold line and want something stronger than the regular Oden's Cold Snus but not quite as strong as Oden's Cold Extreme, this one has the same great flavor but with a moderate nicotine strength.

Oden's Cold Extreme Los comes in at 22mg/g of nicotine. When it comes to the mint flavor, there aren't many that come in loose. There's Thunder Frosted Los and Offroad Frosted Los, but that's about it.  When you open a can, you'll notice the grind is rather fine, so I suggest using a snus portioning tool to make your prilla. The aroma is a gentle pairing of mild spearmint and earthy tobacco. The thing I like most about los is that you can usually taste the tobacco with whatever flavor the snus has; los gets you as close to the tobacco as possible.  The flavor is a mellow and natural spearmint taste with a mild presence of earthy tobacco in the background.  It's not too sweet, and the mild flavor of the tobacco with the fresh taste of spearmint pairs together very well.  If you're a los snuser who enjoys the flavor of mint, this is definitely one to pick up!

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