29 January 2010

Tre Ankare (White Portion) - Review. 29 January 2010.

Tre Ankare is a rather tasty snus that doesn't get talked about that much. It's one that I've used on and off since I started snusing, it just hasn't worked it's way into my full time rotation. I've found it to be more of an "occasional use" snus. The product description describes it as, "Tre Ankare - rich and smoky tobacco character and a slight hint of herbs and earth. Moderate pouch volume and mouth-feel. Tre Ankare White Portion is dry on the surface for a fresh feeling and less run. The moist snus provides for a pro-longed flavor release."  Tre Ankare means, in Swedish, "three anchors" and is actually the first portion snus that Swedish Match launched!

When you open a can of Tre Ankare, the aroma is a mellow tobacco smell with a little sweetness and a touch of herbs. The flavor of this snus is very tobacco centric, but it seems to be in the middle between mellow/earthy and robust/bold. It is a darker tobacco flavor than Ettan, but in a more mild presence. There is a slight sweetness to it, a little smokiness, and a light herbal hint in the background.  Tre Ankare is definitely a tasty snus that everyone should try.  As I said before, it's not something I would use full time, but it is a nice product to throw into an order here and there to mix up your rotation!

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