22 September 2015

Roda Lacket (Los) - Review. 22 September 2015.

I've tried every Swedish Match los over the years, but I haven't sat down and reviewed them, so I threw a can of each in a recent order I did with The Northerner. One of the first los products I reviewed in 2009 was Swedish Match's Goteborg's Prima Fint. To this day, it's a snus that has stayed in my rotation ever since and one I enjoy daily.  When it comes to Swedish Match, I've always praised them for their grind. I always suggest their lossnus products to beginners because they're so easy to work with. You can handbake them with ease and not have to worry about using a snus portioning tool.

When it comes to Roda Lacket Los, the product description says, "Full-bodied tobacco character with the distinct sweetness and the flavors of dried fruit."   I reviewed Roda Lacket Portion back in 2011, and it's one that I'll order from time to time to mix things up. When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is an earthy tobacco smell with a mild hint of dried fruit in the background.  The flavor of earthy tobacco is more present than in the portion format, with the dried fruit flavor in the background.  It's different from the portion format with the fruit flavor more dialed back and the tobacco flavor more dialed up.  As I've mentioned before, even though most say they get a licorice hint with the flavor, I've never noticed it in the portion, and I don't notice it in the los either.  Just a rich tobacco flavor with hints of dried fruit in the background.  If you're a fan of Roda Lacket, you should give this one a try.  The taste is different from the portions, but the Roda Lacket taste is still present.  I also suggest you read Dr. Snus's Roda Lacket Los Review - he's the biggest Roda Lacket fan I know, so his review is a good one to check out if you're interested in this brand.

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