19 November 2015

Lundgren's Skane (Perforated Vit) - Review. 19 November 2015.

Lundgren's Skane Vit is another new release from Fiedler and Lundgren in the Lundgren's line. The product description says, "Traditional snus with flavor of meadow flower, spruceneedle and with hints of forest berries."  For those unfamiliar with the type of snus we're going to discuss today, I'll explain what perforated white portions are.  When I wrote about this product last year, I found this description from Fielder and Lundgren about the Perforated Bags - "The bag allows you to get closer to the tobacco and therefore provides a greater treat than other white portion snus can. With the same sleek feature that snus is less runny and feels fresh lower lip. A new kind of pouches with a perforated bag for the taste to come out faster and feel more."

The product description says, " White portion snus with perforerad pouches, to enhance the flavor and fit. Made from swedish grown tobaccos. Traditional snus with flavor of meadow flower, spruceneedle and with hints of forest berries."  The aroma is similar to Extra Stark Perforated Vit, but there is a slight berry hint in the smell which resembles a cranberry, and the pine smell is dialed back a tad.  I like the taste of this one a little more than the Extra Stark Vit.  As with ES Vit, you get the flavor a little more quickly than your standard white portion thanks to the perforated white pouches allowing the tobacco taste to come on a little quicker than the average white portion.  The taste is a flavor of earthy tobacco with a slight pine/herbal taste, though it isn't as pronounced as in the Extra Stark Vit.  The added berry taste really blends well with this snus, it's a very interesting and very tasty flavor!  If I had to peg it to any berry, I'd say it reminds me most of cranberry.  It's a very complicated, but very good flavor.  If you're into complex tastes, this is definitely one I'd suggest picking up.

As of November 2015, the Lundgren's Skane Vit can has been updated. This is what the new design looks like.

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