10 November 2014

Catch Licorice White Portion - Review. 10 November 2014.

When I first started writing about snus, I wasn't the biggest fan of licorice flavored snus. I'm still not - though I do have two I enjoy on occasion - Oden's Lakrits and General Licorice. I've reviewed tons of other licorice snuses, but those are the ones who have stood out to me the most. Until this one. Now, I no longer say "I have two licorice snuses that I'll reorder", now I say "I have three licorice snuses that I'll reorder". I recently did an order with The Northerner to grab some products I needed to catch up on and threw all the Catch Licorice products that I haven't got to yet. When it comes to Catch White Licorice the product description says, "A rich taste of licorice and tobacco."  I also want to make note of the new Catch cans.  I really dig this design, and they're easier to tell apart than the old cans.

Now, about this snus. When you open a can, a slightly sweet aroma of licorice comes through with a hint of tobacco in the background. That was the part that impressed me. Usually licorice snus is straight up licorice and you don't detect any other aromas or flavors, but this one was different. When you put a portion in, the flavor that comes on in the beginning is licorice, but as the flavor develops you can start to detect a flavor of tobacco. And the tobacco flavor reminded me of my favorite lossnus - Goteborg's Prima Fint! That was the part that impressed me. Mixed in with the flavor of licorice is this very mellow and slightly sweet tobacco taste. It pairs so well with the licorice!  Needless to say, this snus impressed me and is one I would definitely order again.  If you're a fan of licorice snus - you should definitely give this one a shot.

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