18 September 2009

General (White Portion) Review. 19 September 09.

Review Updated 2 March 2017:

I started using Swedish Snus in May of 2009 and my first order contained a General White Portion.  I remember when I opened that first can and smelled it, I gagged and put it away with no interest of using it.  However, a few months later, in September of 2009, my tastes changed and I fell in love with General Snus.  I used General White Portion exclusively for a year until General Long Portion was released in 2010, and then I used that for 5 years. After General Long was discontinued in February of 2015 I switched to alternating between General Original Portion and General XRANGE.   Today, I don't use a lot of white portions, but I still revisit General White from time to time and will never forget it, as it was the product that helped me fall in love with General Snus!

I want to note that General White is sold in America and in Sweden.  I've posted photos including then US can (left) and the Swedish can (right).  It is important to note that the product inside the can is identical, just sold in different can designs in different markets.

The flavor description of General White says, "Spicy tobacco character with hints of bergamot, as well as tea, hay and leather. A large pouch that is dry on the surface with moist content for less drip and a lasting flavor release." This is a 24 gram can with 24 1 gram portions. The nicotine strength is 8mg/g (0.8%), and that easily calculates to 8mg/portion.

When you open a can of General White Portion, the aroma that comes through is a mild smell of bergamot, an earthy tobacco smell, and a touch of pepper.  The portion material is soft and feels great in the lip.  Since these portions come in the star formation format, they are wedged, so I suggest fluffing them to move the tobacco around and make them more fluffy.  The flavor is delicious!  If you've never had General Snus before, it is a truly unique flavor.  Up front, you will notice a citrus flavor from the bergamot used to give General it's traditional flavor.  Behind the citrus you'll experience an earthy tobacco flavor, a light taste of salt, and a spicy peppery flavor.  In the white portion, the flavor is milder than you'll experience in the original portion, but it still has the classic General flavor.  The nicotine strength is 8mg/g and feels to be about the normal level.  The flavor also lasts quite a while; I can keep a portion in for an hour and still enjoy the taste!

General Snus is the traditional flavor of Swedish Snus.  However, if you're new to snus, it is something to get used to.  Even if you don't like it at first, throw a can in the freezer and revisit it later.  Tastes do change, and you may find you love it later on down the road!


  1. General White Snus is the bomb! Rich in flavor and 10x better than cigarettes.

  2. So this is much better than camel and this stuff you can swallow to

  3. This is the best snus. Best ive tried....onyx is my other favorite. No natter what else you try nothing will beat those two