12 January 2012

Jakobsson's Melon (Review) 12 January 2012.

After a lot of testing, Gotlandssnus has released their newest flavor, Jakobsson's Strong Melon, another addition to their "Strong" line. Though being mysterious in the beginning about this flavors release, Jimmy - the flavor guru at Gotlandssnus - mentioned on their Facebook page, "It's unique in it's taste and a new line of snus. This will be the standout of snus in Sweden." Today I got my hands on some of this stuff and it's time to see what a Melon snus is all about. When I open the can I get a smell of bubblegum, which is what some initial reviews described the samples of this snus as.

The portions are the classic Jakobsson's portions, as full as can be and a nice balance between moist and dry. That spot right in the middle is a good place to be when it comes to a portion. The taste is great, though. Jimmy did a great job of capturing the flavor of Watermelon (which I assume this is based off of), and it almost tastes like a Watermelon Bubblegum - it's sweet, but not too sweet. The taste is very fresh and very clear, it's a unique taste, that's for sure. This being a Jakobsson's Strong portion is packs a pretty decent kick - not too intense, but the nicotine hit is there. I was quite surprised with just how long the flavor lasted, it has great duration. All in all, Jakobsson's Melon tastes great. Is it something I'd buy again? Probably not, because I'm not really into that kind of thing. It makes a great detour, but not really one I'd want to take too often. I can imagine those who like flavored snus would enjoy this one immensley because it's much different from other flavors on the market and a much needed break from the mint overpopulation of the snus market.

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  1. Wow This is realy out of the box when it comes to snus Flavors .. while it wont be in my daily Rotation I will deffo keep a tin of this around. a great dessert snus