21 April 2017

Kapten Salmiak (Mini Original) - Review. 21 April 2017.

I recently reviewed Kapten Salmiak Vit Extra Stark, but I had no idea that this product existed. I found a can of it in my freezer's "Yet To Be Reviewed" bag, and couldn't even remember how I got it. But I'm a big fan of salmiak, so I was excited to give this one a try.  When it comes to lakrits candy to me, the saltier the better!  So, going into this one I was pretty amped to give it a try!  The flavor description says, "Kapten Salmiak mini (salty licorice) combines the nice flavor of salmiak and the traditionell snus flavour of tobacco." This is a 10 gram can with 20 portions, or 0.5 gram portions. The nicotine content is 6mg/g (0.6%), which breaks down to about 3mg/portion.

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a mild smell of licorice, a mild tobacco aroma, and a light sweetness. The portions are smaller, so I used 2-3 at a time when I was going through this product for review. The portions are also quite moist, so the flavor came on pretty quickly! The taste of this one is a mild licorice smell with a light sweetness. It also is saltier than the usual licorice snus, which I really enjoyed with this one! And like most Kapten products, they don't hide the tobacco flavor, so you can taste that in the background, as well. The flavor lasts up to 45 minutes, though I had some in the other day for up to an hour. But, generally speaking, at around the 45 minute mark the taste does mellow out and fade. The nicotine strength feels to be about regular when I have 2-3 portions in, so I imagine if you use mini portions and only use one you'll be pleased with the nicotine strength.

If you're a fan of salty licorice and mini portion snus, I definitely suggest giving this one a try!

17 April 2017

Snubie.com YouTube Survey - 17 April 2017.

I'm doing a survey for the Snubie.com YouTube Channel to gather input on what you guys would like to see us do better!  It's a short survey that gathers basic information (it is anonymous) about your thoughts on the channel.  There's an open option at the end for you to voice your thoughts about anything that isn't listed in the questions.  This will help make the Snubie YouTube Channel better, so please go and check it out and provide your input!  Hit the link below to go voice your opinion!

Survey is now closed, thanks for your feedback!

10 April 2017

Offroad Cool A/Cola White (2017 Limited Edition) - Review. 10 April 2017.

V2 Tobacco has once again brought back their Offroad Cool A (Cola) White Portion as a limited edition release for the summer of 2017! You all know I'm a big fan of cola snus - mainly because it hasn't been too well represented in the snus world. In 2007, V2 released Offroad Limited Edition 2007, which contained a cola snus. In January of 2011 they released Thunder Cola, a personal favorite of mine. They followed that release up with Offroad Cola White in April of 2011, Thunder Chrome Cola (Limited Edition) in September of 2011, Thunder Cola Los in February of 2012, and last year's release of Offroad Cool A (Cola) White Portion as a limited edition last summer. A few other manufacturers have also released cola snus products, including GN Tobacco's Oden's Cola and Gotlandssnus' Jakobsson's Special Strong Cola. I also did a poll for the makers of Epok not too long ago to see what flavor of Snus you guys wanted released, and cola won that one, too! So it's clear to see that you all love the taste of cola as much as I do.

The flavor description says, "Limited summer edition 2017: Offroad Coola White Portion Snus brings you great cola snus taste in a slower running white portion and at a regular 8mg/gr of nicotine per portion. Enjoy, cola fans!" This snus comes in a 16 gram can with 20 portions, for 0.8 gram portions. The nicotine content is 8mg/g (0.8%), or 6.40mg/portion. When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a pleasant, mild cola smell. It's not too sweet and comes through in a very gentle way. The portions are soft to the touch, but the tobacco is clumpy and centralized on one side of the pouch. I do suggest fluffing these to loosen up that tobacco and move it around. There's also a nice cooling sensation that you can feel in the lip. I'm not sure if it's from menthol or not, because I don't pick it up in the taste. The flavor as the same as last year's Offroad Cola. It's a very mellow cola taste. The taste is not too sweet, and comes through in a gentle way. I don't taste any tobacco in this product at all. The taste lasts quite a while, up to the hour mark, sometimes more! The nicotine strength feels to be about the regular level.

If you're a fan of cola flavored snus, this is a great one to try out!  Remember, it is limited, so after the summer it will be gone!  I always suggest stocking up on products you enjoy, especially limited editions, because you never know if they'll be back.

Snubie 8 Year Anniversary Sale! 10 April 2017.

It's that time again! Snubie.com is coming up on our 8 year anniversary! Our technical anniversary is May 8th, due to that being when I wrote my first blog post, and when I wrote my first review: General Mini Mint!  I can't believe it's been 8 years.  Time really does fly when you are doing something you truly enjoy.  I've been so grateful and appreciative of all of you being a part of the Snubie.com journey, and I'm looking forward to many more years to come!

As we have done in the past, I always want to find a way to give back to you.  To do that, our friends at SnusCENTRAL.com are giving you 50% off five Swedish Match products again this year! What is most fun about this sale is that you select the products!

The top 5 products you wanted to see for sale at 50% off, as selected in the recent poll we ran:

1. General Original
2. Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice White
3. General Mackmyra Portion
4. Nick and Johnny Americana
5. Grov Original Portion

Important Stuff:
  • The sale is valid for 50% off rolls.
  • The sale will run Week 18, or May 1st, 2017 through May 7th, 2017.

07 April 2017

U-Sample Chewing Bags - Review. 7 April 2017.

I recently reviewed five new Ink Chew Bag products by AG Snus. It appears now that AG Snus has launched another line of chew bags, with a very interesting name.  When I saw the name, I thought these were samples or test products.  No, the name actually is U-Sample.  These products are produced by AG Snus, but may say "Lakrisan", which is a subsidiary of AG Snus that handles distribution.  They may also say Mac-Baren, which is another company that has distributed their products in the past.

This is how AG describes U-Sample: “Based on our market knowledge, we have developed a completely new series of Chewing Tobacco portions under the brand U Sample. U Sample is "your mix" - your personal right choice and your preference.  U Sample series is designed for the more mature and conscious consumers of tobacco products. The design is minimalist and clean - you think of Scandinavian simplicity and style.  Portioning is optimized in terms of size, strength and level of taste. Initially, we are launching three models in the series."  These cans remind me a lot of Swedish Match's Lab Series; they have a very clean and simple design.

U-Sample No7: Arctic White (Xtra Strong) White Portion

The product description for U-Sample Arctic White says, " Fresh pepparmint with sweetness and a high cooling effect from spearmint and menthol."  This product comes in a 16.8 gram can.  I counted 23 portions in the can, which is a portion weight of 0.73 grams per portion. TopSnus lists the nicotine content as "Strong (12-14mg/g)".

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a present smell of menthol, accompanied by a sharp smell of peppermint. The portions are light in weight, but have soft portion material! When you put a portion in your lip you’ll get a mild cooling sensation in the lip, but also throughout the mouth. The taste is a well balanced flavor of menthol and peppermint. I find the flavor lasts about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. The nicotine strength isn’t too strong; it feels to be stronger than regular strength but not as strong as an extra strong. If you like mint flavor, this one is a pretty tasty product!

U-Sample No15:  Black and Arctic (Xtra Strong) White Portion

The product description for U-Sample Black and Arctic says, "A perfect match between sweetness form licorice and cool fresh taste of mint."  This product comes in a 16.8 gram can.  I counted 25 portions in the can, which is a portion weight of 0.67 grams per portion.  TopSnus lists the nicotine content as "Strong (12-14mg/g)".

I’m not a big fan of mixing licorice and mint. Swedish Match did it with The Lab 24 and G3 Licorice Mint. For some reason, I just can’t get into that flavor profile. When it comes to this one, the aroma is a mild licorice smell with a touch of menthol. The portions are lighter in weight and have a soft portion material. I also encounter a present cooling sensation in the lip with this one. The taste is a pretty gentle pairing of mild licorice flavor and menthol. It’s not too sweet; the flavor is relatively mellow. The flavor lasts a good amount of time, up to an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. The nicotine is pretty solid, it feels to be between a strong and an extra strong. Though this one isn’t for me, I would say if you’re into mixing licorice and mint to give it a try!

U-Sample No15:  Original (Xtra Strong) White Portion

The product description for U-Sample Original says, "A classic taste of tobacco with medium flavor of fresh citrus/bergamotte and a sweet touch behind."  This product comes in a 16.8 gram can.  I counted 23 portions in the can, which is a portion weight of 0.73 grams per portion.  TopSnus lists the nicotine content as "Strong (12-14mg/g)".

This one was my favorite of all three. The aroma is a nice balance of tobacco, citrus, and pepper. The portions are light in weight, and have a soft portion material. The taste is a nice blend of tobacco and citrus. The bergamot flavor is mild, and balances really well with the mild tobacco character. I also pick up a light touch of pepper in the taste. The flavor lasts quite a while, up to an hour and fifteen minutes. As far as the nicotine goes, I feel more of a kick from this one than I did the other two. It feels to be about an extra strong level. My friend John Spiers mentioned to me that this one reminds him of the old Gotland’s Gul (Yellow), and I can definitely see that comparison! If you’re a fan of traditional flavored snus/chew bags, this is a must try!

If you're somewhere that doesn't have access to snus but you have access to these, I suggest trying them out.  They're pretty solid.  As far as comparing them to snus, they're basically the same thing.  I honestly don't notice a difference between these and regular snus at all.  So don't let the "chew bag" name run you off if you're a lover of snus, these are still worth a try!

05 April 2017

Siberia Brown (Slim Original) - Review. 5 April 2017.

GN Tobacco has been releasing more slim portions lately, and they have moved on to their Siberia line next. I originally reviewed Siberia in June of 2015 when it launched in the square tub versions. I've also reviewed the round can versions of Siberia Red, Siberia Blue, and Siberia Brown. I recently reviewed the Siberia Blue (Slim White) Portion and the new Siberia Red that was released on the Canadian market. The flavor description says, “Siberia -80°C Slim Brown Portion Snus is the slim portion version of Siberia Brown original portion.  Like the original, it's packed with 4.3% nicotine for an eye-opening experience but now comes in a slim portion pouch for smoother mouth feel.” Siberia Brown comes in a 20 gram can with 24 portions. Each portion weighs 0.83 grams. The nicotine strength is 43mg/g (4.3%), or 35.83mg/portion.

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a very sharp mint smell. It stings to smell it, that's how sharp it is! It's more of a natural mint aroma with a little peppermint mixed in. The portions are slim and very comfortable in the lip. They're quite moist, so the flavor and nicotine comes on quickly! You'll experience a mild tingle/cooling sensation when you put a portion in, along with a mild burn. That may explain why Siberia was originally called Siberia: Fire and Ice - because you get a cooling and burnin sensation! The taste is a sharp, biting mint flavor. It's closer to natural mint, but I can taste a little peppermint as well. The longer you have the portion in the more you'll notice a mild, dark tobacco character in the background. I can usually keep these in for about 30 minutes before I have to take them out, so I can't speak to how long the flavor lasts. I can say, however, original portions usually last 45 minutes to an hour, so I assume it's close to that. The nicotine kick is very, very strong. I feel it kick in at about the 5 minute mark. It doesn't feel as strong as the regular Siberia Brown, but it still delivers an extremely strong kick!

If you're a lover of the Siberia line and want a slim, original portion version, this is a must try!  It has the same great taste, but in a slim portion.  I don't do a lot of strong snus, so this isn't something I'd use again, but I can imagine it's going to be a favorite of those who enjoy this type of snus!

Rocket (Xtra Strong) White Dry Mint - Review. 5 April 2017.

This product has eluded me for many, many years. When I first heard about it a few years back, I searched around for it but you could never find it. I found out it was a "border store product", which means it's sold at stores on the Sweden-Finland border.  For years, this has been the only Swedish Match product I've yet to review.  I lucked out a little while back, one of our friends on Instagram, @smokeitnowmaan sent us this and two other border store exclusive products: R42 Peppermint and R42 Green Mint (Xtra Strong).  Going into this review, I had no information other than what was printed on the can.  I usually like to provide a flavor description of the product I'm reviewing but I couldn't find one anywhere online. The can says that it weighs 9.8 grams. There are 14 portions in the can, which breaks down to 0.7 gram portions. I don't know the nicotine content, but most Swedish Match white portion extra strong products seem to rate at 18mg/g of nicotine (1.8%). If that's the case with this one, that's about 12.6mg/portion.

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is mostly spearmint, but I also pick up a hint of peppermint and a mild sweetness. The portions are dry to the touch, and don't contain too much tobacco. Fluffing them doesn't accomplish much, however I've found I can fold them over on themselves and make them a slim portion! The taste is a blend of spearmint and peppermint. The spearmint taste is smooth and mildly sweet. The peppermint flavor is pretty gentle but sharp. The peppermint flavor mixes really well with the spearmint. The taste lasts a good amount of time, which is a benefit of the white dry format. I'm able to enjoy these for an hour to an hour and a half. There is a solid nicotine kick, as well. If it does rate at 12.6mg/portion as I assume, it still feels to weigh in at the extra strong level!  I was really excited to finally review this product and I found it to be a solid snus. I like the mix of peppermint and spearmint in the flavor profile, the long lasting flavor, and it provides a nice nicotine kick!  If you spot it in a border store, it's worth picking up!