20 October 2016

XRANGE Grov & General Salmiak - Discontinued. 20 October 2016.

Our friend Larry at SnusCENTRAL posted an article today about two products being discontinued by Swedish Match. One is Grov XRANGE Slim Original. This one caught me off guard. For years, snusers have been asking for a slim version of Grov. But, I'm assuming sales weren't there and Swedish Match is pulling the plug early. The other one is a personal favorite of mine, General XRANGE Salmiak Slim Original. Swedish Match has a bad habit of introducing good licorice snus and then dropping it from their product line. General Licorice was one that I really liked, but they discontinued that one, too. I think the moral of the story is don't get attached to Swedish Match licorice snus - because you never know when they could dissapear! Nick and Johnny Small Batch Licorice was another good one that was discontinued.

I'm not sure when these are being discontinued or when production stopped, so if you enjoy these it would be wise to stock up now before they're gone forever!

16 October 2016

Snubie.com Snus Podcast - Episode 027. 16 October 2016.

Episode #27 of our podcast is now up! You can access it for streaming/downloading at our Podomatic Page or if you're an iTunes listener, it will be available on our iTunes Page once it processes.

The twenty-seventh episode of the Snubie.com Snus Podcast features our friend Larry Waters from SnusCENTRAL.org. In this episode we talk about a lot of snus and legal related questions that people new to snus have been asking!

Download the Periscope app and follow @SnubieDotCom on Periscope to watch the podcast live stream when we record each episode!

12 October 2016

Skruf Slim Flow White - Preview. 12 October 2016.

Skruf is set to release a new limited edition product: Skruf Slim Flow White. There were only 48,000 cans produced and the snus will have a pear taste.  That's all I know at this time, however.  I don't know a release date, which markets will sell it, or if it will be available online.

I've had Skruf Slim portions before, but two things are curious about this product.  First, what is "Flow"?  And second, what is an "aroma seal"?  Perhaps it could be similar to the aluminum seal that we see with General Snus sold in Canada.  Something like that could be designed to lock in flavor/freshness.

Once I have more information I'll update this article.  I'm very excited about this one, as pear is one of my favorite fruits!

11 October 2016

St. Louis Snus Con Is Official! 11 October 2016.

It's official - the 2017 Snus Con in St. Louis is happening! I received the contracts today for the conference rooms and we are good to go! We are officially set for Saturday May 27th and Sunday May 28th. This is going to be a great opportunity to network with other snus fans from all over the world and hear panels from various personalities in the snus world! Of course, I'll be there speaking about Snubie.com, Larry and Matt from SnusCENTRAL will be speaking, James and Dane from Inside Vaping will be speaking (they're also snus fans) and Brad Rodu, one of the leading harm reduction experts in the world, will be speaking as well! Also, our friend Conny Andersson will be making a trip over to give a talk. We are in the process of working out other speakers, so the final schedule should be quite exciting!

The event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Downtown St. Louis. It's a beautiful place. They've also given us a group deal on the rooms, so you'll be able to stay for only $109 a night. There is also a rooftop pool that overlooks the Gateway Arch! We will have our own conference room each day where the speakers will be able to do their panels. Tickets will go on sale soon, and it'll be between $10-20$ for a single day pass and 20$-40$ for a two day pass. I'm not sure how much yet, but we aren't doing this to profit. We just want to be able to recover what we spent on the two days conference room rental.  You'll be responsible for your hotel/transportation/food costs.  We are hoping to book restaurants that have party rooms so we can all eat together for dinner each night.

If you haven't yet, go like the St. Louis Snus Con page on Facebook. Check out the Events Listing and you'll find events for Day 1 and Day 2. Go there to RSVP if you're going by clicking, of course, "going".  It's going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait to see you all there!

10 October 2016

IPA: Hop(e) & Glory (Original & White) - Reviews. 10 October 2016.

Conny Andersson's latest creation, Hop(e) and Glory IPA Snus has finally arrived and I now have an answer for the eternal question: "Which snus pairs best with an IPA?". This one, of course! I'm a big fan of Conny Andersson and I'm proud to call him a friend. I've been reviewing his products for years. Such as: General Green Harvest (2011), Kardus 2009, Kardus 2010, Kardus 2011, Kardus 2012, Islay Whisky Snus, Crafted Snus: Whisky (Original and White Portion), Crafted Kardus Highland Single Cut, Mellgren's IPA Edition (White Portion) and Mellgren's IPA Single Cut. But this is the one I've been looking forward to most. My favorite style of beer is IPA, and I'm always looking for the perfect snus to pair with it. This is a snus that is good for not only that, but also being an all day type of snus!

The flavor descriptions for Hop(e) and Glory (Original Portion) and Hop(e) and Glory (White Portion) describe this snus as "a daring, new Conny Andersson craft snus, seasoned with classic American hops and the legendary Perique tobacco. This white portion version has flavors of a well-made IPA beer plus herbs, citrus and hints of exotic fruit. Perique tobacco is a unique and rare type of tobacco that comes exclusively from one small swath of land near New Orleans."

My friend Andreas at Stiff Upper Lip did a great interview with Conny that provided a lot of background information about this snus. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet. From that interview, we learned that for this snus, Conny used Perique tobacco. And like before, 100% lamina. This tobacco is grown in Louisiana by two tobacco farmers. It’s cured, wetted and then piled in bourbon barrels for fermentation. In the old days, you would bury the tobacco for 1 to 1.5 years before digging it up. Now you apply pressure to the tobacco. The photo to the left from a New York Times article shows some of that process. Conny says this tobacco has a “completely magical aroma” and barely smells of tobacco. The aroma is chocolatey, with hints of over-ripe pear and a fruitiness. The tobacco turned out so well that they were about to use 20% of it.

For this snus, Conny says he worked with three different hop oils. This snus is said to have a citrus character, some bitterness, and grapefruit notes like those Conny enjoys in your typical West Coast IPA. It was a long process in the lab, because hop oils aren’t like working with normal flavors. Many ended up too soapy and that’s not what Conny wanted. One of the hop oils is Centinnel, which is less soapy and more clean tasting. He also came across a wild hop that he included in the recipe. That remains a “secret ingredient”, as other manufacturers are apparently experimenting with IPA snus and he wanted to keep that a secret.

Hop(e) and Glory (Original Portion)

One thing I like about both of these snuses is that the flavors are really complex.  I had to go through a can and a half of each to peg the flavor for my reviews!  At times I notice different flavor notes that I notice at other times, so it took me a little while to write these reviews.

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a citrus presence.  It comes across in a fresh, mildly sweet way.  There is a light floral touch and a hint of pepper.  The portions are very moist and feel great in the lip.  The flavor is very complex, that's what I love most about it.  I notice floral notes in the beginning - they come across in a light and airy way.  There's a faint touch of pine, as well.  I pick up herbal notes which are very pleasant and accompanied by a mild hoppiness.  There is a mild citrus/grapefruit taste, it's lightly sweet and semi-tropical.  The tobacco contributes a nice background, a little pepper/spice flavor and a little fruit.  The fruit comes across in a tart way, it reminds me a little of the way Goteborg's Rape Lingon delivers the fruity flavor.  The nicotine feels about regular strength - it isn't in your face, but it is noticable.  Of the two, the original portion was definitely my favorite!

Hop(e) and Glory (White Portion)

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a mild, fresh citrus smell accompanied by light floral notes and a touch of sweetness.  The portions are a little dry, and Conny said that he wants to increase the moisture in the next batch.  The portion material itself is quite soft, but a little more dry than the average white portion.  The taste is a light citrus flavor up front and it comes through as a sweeter and more tropical citrus flavor.  There is a light fruitiness and mild/gentle floral notes.  One thing that is interesting about this one is that the floral notes mellow out and the herbal taste becomes more detectable.  With the herbal flavor I notice a very light hoppiness and a very light touch of pine.  With this one I don't notice much tobacco, and the peppery/spice flavor is milder and more in the background.  The nicotine feels about regular strength, and it delivers a little slower than the original portion with a slower build.  However, it still feels to be regular strength.

One of the questions people have been asking me is how does this compare to Mellgren's IPA Snus?  For me, I notice a few things.  First, this snus has a much more mellow and well rounded taste.  The flavor comes through much more balanced.  There is less nicotine feeling, which I enjoy.  I'm not someone who uses a lot of stronger snus, so regular strength is what I aim for.  The main difference, for me, is that this is something I could use in my rotation or as an all day snus.  Mellgren's was a good snus, don't get me wrong, but it was an occasional snus.  The flavor was quite bold, so I only used it when we went out for dinner or if I was having a beer.  But the Hop(e) and Glory Snus has a flavor that I could use any time of the day.  People who like General or Goteborg's Rape may enjoy this one.  I definitely suggest trying it out.  If you're a beer fan or not, I think this snus is great and worth grabbing some on your next order.  Great job Conny, and cheers!

06 October 2016

St. Louis Snus Con Update! 6 October 2016

The Snus Con team has been running logistics on the upcoming snus summit (the St. Louis Snus Con) coming up in 2017, and we are trying to see what people think about Memorial Day Weekend? We would hold it on Saturday May 27th and Sunday May 28th - and since Monday is a holiday there's less people having to take off work/school (for those in college) for the trip home.

Please submit your opinion here if you will attend or not, so we can start looking into meeting spaces: http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=57f6b4c3e4b03d77a3f49420

26 September 2016

Offroad Cool Mint (Original Mini) - Review. 26 September 2016.

V2 Tobacco has recently launched two new mini products - Offroad Melon/"Mel OH!" (Original Mini) and Offroad Cool Mint/"Cool M" (Original Mini). I don't do a lot of mini reviews, but I've been trying to work on that lately. I know quite a few people use them, so I try to review as many of them as I can! The product description says, " Offroad Cool M Mini Portion Snus brings the Cool Mint flavor to the Offroad family of snuses in a very discreet mini-portion pouch."  You'll notice that the can has a white ring around the side label with a warning label on it.  This is in compliance with the new labeling laws that manufacturers are having to go to.  They aren't very attractive, but it appears as though there's no way around it.

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a smooth, mellow peppermint aroma. The flavor and aroma of this snus reminds me a lot of Thunder Cool Mint, which is one of my favorite snus flavors. When you put a portion in your lip, you'll notice a nice cooling sensation/tingle develop. And the taste is absolutely delicious! It's a really smooth, mellow, mildly sweet peppermint taste. I know a lot of people like Frosted, but I've said before that Cool Mint is my favorite V2 Tobacco mint flavor.  I don't do a lot of mini portions, so usually when I review them I put in two at the same time. The nicotine strength 8mg/g, and the portions are 0.5 grams each, so you're looking at about 4mg/portion. Being a mini portion, I don't get a lot of nicotine out of these - but I was able to quit smoking by using a mini portion 7 years ago, so I'm sure some people enjoy this size/nicotine strength. I'm a big fan of the Cool Mint flavor, so if you dig mini portions, this is one to check out!