24 August 2016

Lenny Stark White - Review. 24 August 2016.

The Lenny brand has proved to be quite popular amongst snusers, so popular that GN Tobacco has released a Stark White Portion version. In the past, I reviewed Lenny's Cut Original Portion and Lenny's Cut Los. It appears with this one they have dropped the "Cut" name and simply titled this one "Lenny". At this time, I still have no idea who Lenny is. Now, as of the date of writing this article, I haven't seen this product for sale anywhere, nor have I seen a product description of it. The product description of Lenny Original Portion from Snus24 says it has a "classic tobacco flavor and a slight tinge of citrus".

One interesting thing about this one is that it is a white portion. GN Tobacco has commonly made white dry portions until recently, but they are now starting to release more white portions. Lenny Stark White comes in a 13 gram can.  The portions have a decent amount of tobacco in them and are pretty comfortable in the lip!  Upon opening the can I notice a smell of pepper, a light sweet floral smell and a touch of citrus.  Lenny is a budget snus, but the flavor is anything but.  The pepper taste is pretty present, as is a nice tobacco flavor.  I notice a citrus flavor, but it's closer to orange than bergamot.  Along with that there is a light floral taste present, as well.  It's a pretty good tasting snus.  I don't know the nicotine content, but going by feel I'd say it's around 15mg/g-17mg/g.  I did feel a nice kick from this one that came on pretty quickly.

As far as budget brands go, this one has a pretty good taste.  I'd definitely suggest checking it out!

Änglaholm (White Portion) - Review. 24 August 2016.

Änglaholm is a brand new product from GN Tobacco and one that I've been looking forward to for a while. First of all, the name. I'm not entirely sure, but from what I've gathered, Ängelholm is a town in Skåne County in Sweden. I'm not sure if that's what they were going for, but that's what I've been able to find out so far. Änglaholm comes in an 18 gram can and the nicotine strength is 12mg/g. The only shop I've seen this for sale at that ships to the US is Snus24. The product description says it has a "taste of Cornel and Berry (sour)."  Now, if you're like me, you've probably never heard of Cornel.  So, for those who are new to this berry, I'll give a little background.

Cornelian Cherries are usually just called cornels. They grow on a tree, which is somehow distantly related to an American dogwood. The plant is native to the Black Sea area and often grows in Siberia. The fruit itself is tiny and has a big pit, much like you would see with black olives. I’ve been told the flavor is a cross between a cranberry and a cherry by those who have had cornels. I’ve heard they’re very popular in Greece, Russia and Ukraine, as well. I’ve never had one before, personally.

Änglaholm comes in white portion format, which is something new GN Tobacco is doing. In the past, they primarily focused on the white dry format, so this is a new venture for them.  When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a mild cherry smell with a gentle fruit medley in the background.  The portion are quite soft to the touch and contain a good amount of tobacco. They feel very comfortable in the lip, as well.  Now, the flavor description says that there is some sour in the flavor, but I don't notice so much of that.  What's interesting to me is how much this snus tastes like another product many of you are probably familiar with: Roda Lacket White Portion.  It isn't a clone by any means, but I do detect a similar dried fruit flavor that I noticed with Roda Lacket.  I would say the difference, however, is that there is more of a dialed up cherry flavor, as well.  The thing I like about this is that the cherry/fruit flavor isn't too sweet - it comes through in a very pleasant way.  Though the nicotine strength is listed as 12mg/g, I would say it feels closer to regular strength of 8mg/g.

I can say this, this is probably my favorite product GN Tobacco has released to date.  It has a very high quality can, a great portion and a fantastic flavor.  This is a top shelf, premium snus offering, in my opinion.  I definitely suggest lovers of Roda Lacket White Portion give this one a try!

17 August 2016

Snubie.com Launches Fundraising Campaign. 17 August 2016.

We are proud to announce our fundraising campaign for Snubie.com and the Snubie.com YouTube Channel!  It has come to our attention that our friends, fans and supporters want us to provide more content and increase the quality of our video production. Snubie.com is entirely self funded (except for our podcast which has a sponsor) and to be able to do the things people are asking for, we needed to raise funds. We originally considered doing ads on our YouTube channel, but in the poll we put out, 56% of people said no to ads, and we go with the voice of our fanbase. We also considered doing a monthly donation program through Patreon, but didn't need to do this monthly so we decided against that.  There also wasn't much expressed interest in that idea, either.  At the end of the day, we settled on GoFundMe. Lots of creators use it to raise funds for their projects.

I didn't want to end up asking people to help support us, but at the end of the day for us to expand and do the things people want us to do, we have to raise funds to help the website grow.  We started with a goal of $5,909.00 (USD).  We set that goal as an estimate based on price shopping for the things we need to do.  We are aiming high so we can at least get started doing the things people want us to do.

1.  Expand and enhance our YouTube studio.
2.  Attain better video recording equipment to enhance the quality of our videos.
3.  Attain better audio equipment to enhance the audio quality of our videos and podcasts.
4.  Attain better video editing/processing software.
5.  Enhance the performance of our computers for the purposes of video/audio storage, retrieval and processing.
6.  Overhaul the Snubie.com website.  This is a goal that will probably be after we fund the first 5 due to the high costs of this.
7.  Any funds raised over the goal of $5,909.00 USD will go towards the completion of our YouTube studio!

We appreciate all of the support we have received over the years in terms of emails, phone calls, text messages and kind words.  We are now asking the readers of Snubie.com to help us continue to grow, expand and enhance our quality.  Thanks for all the support that you will pledge to help Snubie.com with.  This website wouldn't be what it is with your support.

Support the Snubie.com Fundraising Project at GoFundMe.com 

16 August 2016

Three New GN Tobacco Products! 16 August 2016.

It looks like GN Tobacco is gearing up to release three new products! Usually in the snus world the best time for new releases is the beginning of the year and the end of the year. As we are headed into the end of the year, it looks as though it's time to start getting excited about new products! We recently previewed one new product from GNT called Anglaholm, and now it appears that three more new ones are on the horizon!

All of these also appear to be White Portion, which is interesting.  In the past, GN Tobacco focused mostly on White Dry portion, but now they are expanding more to regular White Portion format.

Lenny Stark (White Portion)

Lenny is a value priced snus from GN Tobacco. In the past I reviewed Lenny's Cut (Original Portion) and Lenny's Cut Los. It appears now that GN Tobacco is adding a Stark White Portion to the Lenny's lineup!
Oden's Lemon (White Portion)

This one is interesting.  There aren't many lemon snus products on the market, so I'm quite excited about this one. There's a product called Royal Snus Lemon, but outside of that we don't have much lemon flavored snus on the market today. This is one I'm definitely looking forward to trying!

Oden's Vanilla (White Portion)

In the past I've reviewed other vanilla products from GN Tobacco: Oden's Vanilla Extreme (Original), Oden's Vanilla Extreme (White Dry), Oden's Vanilla (Original Portion) and Oden's Vanilla White Dry Portion.  This appears to be a regular strength white portion vanilla snus, which I am quite excited to try out!

IPA: Hop(e) And Glory - Preview. 16 August 2016.

Recently I reviewed Mellgren's IPA (White Portion) and Mellgren's IPA (Single Cut). As a beer nerd, IPA has always been my favorite style. So, when those two snus products came out, I was really excited. However, recently they disappeared from the market. My friends at Mellgren's recently gave me an update on it and said that it isn't “discontinued” yet, it’s still undecided. It's just not currently in production. The factory they used would only produce it if they ordered it in very large quantities, and they didn’t want to do that at this time. So they’re looking into finding someone else to produce it for them. Their goal is to produce it in smaller batches.

Now, it appears that Conny Andersson is moving forward with a new IPA product at AG Snus called IPA Hop(e) and Glory (White Portion).  At this time I don't know much about it outside of it's first appearance being at the Beer And Whisky Fair in Stockholm in late September.  It will more than likely be with SMD on 20 September 2016, so it should be available to order online shortly after that.  The first run will come in white and original portion.  Conny says the taste is more well rounded.  The "soapy" taste in the beginning is lessened, as well.

I'm  hoping that the flavor is close to the Mellgren's IPA Snus because that taste is out of this world!

More can photos:

13 August 2016

Zyn NT - Cool Mint (03 and 06) - Reviews. 12 July 2016.

I had seen Zyn NT on Northerner.com before but didn't have much interest in reviewing it at the time. However, I recently heard that Zyn NT is expanding in a big way in the US and being an advocate for harm reduction, I wanted to write about it. It originally launched in 2015 in Colorado and Montana in 4 flavors. Recently it expanded to 6 flavors and is pushing into more states in the US. This year you will be able to find it in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Washington and Oregon. It's a really interesting product. ZynNT can be stored at room temperature and has a one year shelf life from the date it’s manufactured. It also has the first and only child resistant lid, which can be difficult to open at first, even for an adult.  Also, these cans do not have a catch lid.  But, you may be asking yourself, "What is Zyn NT"?

ZynNT has non-woven pouches which contain flavor, non-tobacco filler, nicotine salts and pH balancers which help enhance the nicotine delivery. Basically the nicotine is soaked out of the tobacco leaves using high pH water then it is filtered to remove any elements of tobacco. What you have left is pure nicotine salt.  You'll notice it looks much like table salt. If you're interested in a more detailed explanation of the science behind ZynNT, my friend Larry at SnusCENTRAL.org wrote a great article on that.  There are 15 portions in a can with each portion weighing 0.4 grams.  The portions are about the same length and width as a regular snus portion, but are much, much slimmer.  They are virtually flat.  The cans are also the same diameter as a regular snus can, but are also a little bit slimmer.

The flavor description for Zyn NT Cool Mint says, "An icy burst of invigorating mint flavor."  The portions are interesting to touch.  I've had purified portions in the past, but these didn't feel quite as dry.  When I opened the can, the aroma that came through was actually pretty mild.  It's a very, very mild smell of mint that comes through without any accompanying sweetness.  The portions feel softer to the lip than I expected.  They're thinner than a regular snus pouch, but don't feel as small as a mini portion.  I didn't notice much of a tingling sensation or cooling presence like I usually do with most mint snus. I didn't notice it with the Spearmint flavor but I did notice a slight cooling presence with the Peppermint flavor.  There is a slight cooling presence with this one, but it's not too noticeable.  The taste is a pretty mild mint flavor.  It isn't peppermint, it isn't spearmint, it's more of a natural mint taste.  It does have a very light sweetness to it, but not too much.  It's basically just a mellow, lightly sweet, gentle mint taste.  When it comes to the nicotine, there are two strengths: 3mg and 6mg.  With the 6mg, I do experience satisfaction.  I use mostly 8mg/g snus, and with the 6mg level I did notice nicotine and felt the same level of satisfaction I feel with my usual snus.  With the 3mg level, I didn't notice much nicotine, so I imagine this is going to be for someone who doesn't need as much nicotine.  If you've used mini portion snus before, it feels to deliver about the same amount of nicotine.

So the ultimate question is this: "Is Zyn NT for me"? Personally, this product isn't for me.  I'm a snuser, and that is my product of choice.  But that doesn't mean it's not a good product. I am an advocate for harm reduction in all forms. I know a lot of people want to quit smoking and tobacco but don't want to quit nicotine. The gum doesn't work for everyone, the patch doesn't work for everyone, medicine doesn't work for everyone, and many people don't want to vape or snus.  This is a product that I think needs to exist, because it's a way that people can enjoy nicotine in a non traditional way.  If you're looking to quit smoking but don't want to vape, snus, dip or use any pharmaceutical aids, I definitely suggest giving Zyn NT a try.  Harm reduction comes in all shapes and sizes, and anything that helps people quit smoking is a product that I can support.

New from GN Tobacco: Änglaholm Snus. 13 August 2016.

It appears as though GN Tobacco has released a new product! So far, it's only available on OdensSnus.eu, but presumably it will be available on more stores very soon. As of right now, I don't see a product description but the website says it's an 18 gram can and the nicotine strength is 12mg/g.

Once I know more I'll update this post!