12 November 2014

Skruf (Stark Los) - Review. 12 November 2014.

Note:  There was originally a review of Skruf Original Portion in this article, as well.  But it has been moved to it's own article here.

I've been catching up on our reviews section lately, and this is one of the last Skruf products that I haven't wrote about yet. Despite having had this product numerous times over the past 5 years, they somehow slipped through the cracks and I never wrote a review on it.

I recently did an order with The Northerner and threw in a can of each so I could write about them.  I really dig the Skruf brand and find their snuses to be super tasty, so I didn't mind.

My buddy Nash is a big fan of Skruf Stark Los. I've had it a few times in the past, but I've never written about it. The product description says, "Pure tobacco taste, containing natural condiments of bergamot and rose oil." The grind of this product is rather fine, so I suggest using a snus portioning tool.  The aroma of this one is a rich, earthy tobacco smell with a slight hint of citrus and a little sweetness to it.  One thing I've said dozens of times is that I enjoy los so much because it gets you as close to the tobacco as possible.  The tobacco flavor in this one is more pronounced; you experience a rich, earthy tobacco taste.  The flavors of bergamot and the sweetness from the rose oil are still present, but not as bold as the original portion.  The tobacco flavor is more pronounced and these two ingredients compliment the tobacco taste but don't overpower it.  It's a really interesting flavor.

I definitely suggest people try both of these, especially if you enjoy the traditional Swedish Snus flavor profile.  The Skruf take on it is one that is worth a try!

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