Nick & Johnny Americana - Review. 23 August 2013.

Review Updated: 11 November 2020

I've been reviewing snus for almost 12 years now.  And, to date, this is probably the most love/hate snus I can think of.  Either people seem to love it, or people seem to hate it.  I fall in the category of 'love it', as this has been a favorite of mine since 2013.  Not just because of my love of 'Murica, but because it has a pretty unique flavor.  Not only is this one of the greatest snus products of all time, it's one of the best in the Nick and Johnny brand.  The flavor description for this one says "Dark and spicy tobacco character with clear hints of cherries and almonds, as well as slightly violet, evergreen and raspberry."  The can weighs 22g and has 20 portions, which makes the weight go up to 1.1g each; now that's a plump portion.  The nicotine content is 15mg/g (1.5%), which goes up to 16.5mg/portion due to the 1.1g portions.

When you open the can, a rich smell of cherry greets you, along with subtle hints of cinnamon and wintergreen, and a touch of rich tobacco.  The portions are big, plump, and semi-moist.  The flavor is predominantly cherry along with hints of cinnamon and wintergreen.  The tobacco character is earthy and has a mild nuttiness to it.  The nicotine feels to be around the strong level, and the flavor lasts about 45 minutes, on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

This one gets a pretty high rating from me, at 4.13 out of 5.  It took a ding on strength, because it's a little stronger than I personally prefer.  However, I love almost everything about this snus.  It's one of my absolute favorites on the market.

If you like fruity flavors, or unique flavors of snus, this one is a must try.  Again, it is a love/hate, so you may love it, or you may hate it.  But, it's definitely worth a try!


  1. Great Review but a horrible Snus #teamhate

  2. I got a can of this to try and I definitely fall into the category of love it. It has such a unique taste and although it’s a bit stronger than what I like, I can get past it because it’s sooooo tasty


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