23 August 2013

Nick & Johnny Americana Review. 23 August 2013.

The original product description for Captain Yankee left little to be desired, "wintergreen, cherry, and cinnamon" didn't sound like a very good blend. I wasn't very positive going into this one. The new product description from Swedish Match sounded much better, "A full-bodied spicy tobacco taste with distinct notes of sweet cherries and almond, along with violet, wintergreen and raspberries." Being called "Americana", the only thing I can think of in that description that is "American" would be wintergreen.

When you open a can, the aroma that comes through is predominantly berry, more cherry than anything, with a smokey tobacco aroma in the background. The taste is very berry, the cherry being the predominant flavor, with a little hint of wintergreen. The tobacco is smokey and present, with a little nutty flavor in the background. It's a very interesting flavor, and one that isn't very common in the snus world. The only thing I can think of that this is in the same league with is Thunder Berry Blend. All in all, it's a very unique flavor, if you like berry flavors or cherry it's a good one to try out as far as that category goes. If you like Thunder Berry Blend, you would definitely like this one.

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