Catch XRANGE Mint Slim Large White Portion - Review. 2 April 2015.

Review Updated: 26 February 2021 

The XRANGE snus line from Swedish Match launched in 2015 as a "modern premium" line. Meaning, it's the same quality you get with Swedish Match's premium products, but at a cheaper price. The products came in slim portions, had a lighter weight, and only had 21 portions per can. Now, Swedish Match has updated the XRANGE line, so it's time to revisit it! The new cans are smaller, slimmer, utilize less plastic, and are completely recyclable.  The flavor description for this one says, "XRANGE Catch Slim Large White Portion snus has a a mellow tobacco taste with distinct notes of peppermint, along with hints of eucalyptus and cedar."  Each can weighs 16.8g and has 21 portions, for 0.8g portions!  The nicotine content is 9mg/g (0.9%), or 7.2mg/portion.

Th New Cans - Design Change

This one didn't change too much as far as look goes.  The white can changed to a translucent one, and the word "Catch" changed from white to embossed on the can design.  It's there, but you can only see it when the light hits it the right way.  But as far as the overall look of this one, the design really didn't change all that much.

The New Cans - Form Factor

The form factor was the biggest change.  In this photo, I'm using a GR XRANGE can. They're all the same in form factor except the design, which we just covered. In the top left, you'll see the diameter of the new can is a little smaller than the old design. On the top right, you can see that the new cans are definitely slimmer than the old cans. Another big change is that the big "XR" on the side label is gone from the new cans. In the bottom right, you'll see that the new cans are semi-translucent, so from the bottom and the top catch lid you can see a little through the can. On the bottom left you'll see the biggest change - the new can design now comes in the Star Formation! So, while XR is a cheaper priced product, you get the Star Formation, which Swedish Match usually does with their premium product lines. 

This one has remained one of my favorite mint products because it's mild in taste, and not overly sweet.  And, it's regular strength, which it seems like most manufacturers aren't the biggest fan of.  The aroma is a gentle, lightly sweet aroma of peppermint with a light touch of menthol. The portions are slim, soft, and feel great in the lip! The flavor of this one is predominantly peppermint. It comes through in a mild way, and with a little sweetness. It's a really gentle taste, and not too in your face. There is a very faint touch of menthol in the background, as well! The nicotine feels to be about the regular strength level.  The flavor lasts quite a while, usually up to about an hour on average!  

Rating and Final Thoughts

This is, in my opinion, one of the best mint products on the market.  I rated it at 3.33 out of 5, but I consider it to be a must try, as far as peppermint products go.  It's regular strength, it's not super sweet, and it has a long lasting flavor.  If you like mint snus, this is definitely one you'll want to check out.  It doesn't stand out or anything, but that's what I like about it.  It's just a good, all day mint product.  

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  1. Chad, I have to thank you for introducing me to snus. I have recently tried nasal snuff, and saw your review of Thunder Frosted snuff, which led me to your YouTube page. Now I've got several cans on the way! Just wish I could get some Blue Ocean... Very disappointed with lack of availability.


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