02 April 2015

Catch XRANGE Mint Slim Large White Portion - Review. 2 April 2015.

I've always enjoyed Catch Pure Mint Slim. It's not something I order regularly, but I throw a can in here and there.  When I heard it was being replaced with the new XRANGE Catch, I wasn't too concerned about it.  Honestly, I felt like this was going to be a positive increase, going from "Medium Slim White" portions to "Slim Large White" portions.  The old Catch Pure Mint portions felt a little small, so this change was definitely one that was welcomed.

Comparing the old Catch Pure Mint can to the new XRANGE Catch Mint can - I could go either way on the design. I like the old Catch Pure Mint Medium Slim can, but I don't feel like it lost anything going from the old can to the new XRANGE can.  The Large White Slim portions are slightly bigger and feel plumper with more tobacco than the old Medium Slim portions.  If you want a closer look at the comparison, click on the photo to view a larger version.

The product description says, "A mellow tobacco taste with distinct notes of peppermint, along with hints of eucalyptus and cedar. Catch Slim White Mint has a long and narrow pouch for an optimized fit under the lip. Dry on the surface to prevent dripping, and with an extensive release of flavor. XRANGE is a new snus series consisting of five products with well-known flavours from the Swedish Match brand collection. Thanks to a new technology the portions are long lasting with minimal drip."

When I opened the can, I noticed the aroma hadn't changed at all from the old Catch Pure Mint to the new XRANGE Catch Mint.  There is a very sharp and bold smell of peppermint.  When it comes to the flavor, I only noticed very mild changes.  There is still an immediate cooling sensation when you put a portion in your lip, and the flavor of peppermint.  The tobacco taste does not overpower the taste of peppermint, but it is present as with the old Catch Pure Mint.  The one change I did notice that was detectable was a very slight wooden taste in the background from the cedar in the recipe.  This taste wasn't very detectable in the old Catch Pure Mint, so that was an interesting change.

All in all, I think this one improved on the old Catch Pure Mint.  XRANGE offers a more present peppermint taste, and the wooden flavor from the cedar presence has been amplified a small amount.  The tobacco taste stayed about the same, mild, but present.  This is one that made a step up in terms of flavor.

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  1. Chad, I have to thank you for introducing me to snus. I have recently tried nasal snuff, and saw your review of Thunder Frosted snuff, which led me to your YouTube page. Now I've got several cans on the way! Just wish I could get some Blue Ocean... Very disappointed with lack of availability.