25 July 2014

Snubie's Suggestions! Updated 6 February 2020

Perhaps the most common question I get is, "What do you suggest I try/buy?".  Back in 2014, I made this post to reflect my suggestions for snus products, but as the market has changed, I've decided to update this post. Now, in this post, you'll find my suggestions for Swedish Snus, Chew Bags, and Nicotine Pouches!  Below, you'll find each category sorted by what type of product it is, and under each heading you'll find my suggestions sorted by flavor.  If you click the product name, it will take you to my review of that particular product.  Also, you can check out this post on Reddit, which contains suggestions of products from the snus community!

Portion - Alcohol Flavor
Islay Whisky (Original Portion)
XRANGE GR Sparkling (Slim White)
Crafted Snus Whisky (Original Portion)
General Mackmyra Whisky (Original Portion)

Portion - Citrus/Traditional Flavor
General XR (Slim Original)
General G3 Strong (Slim Original)
LD Stark (Original Portion)
Skruf Xtra Stark (Original Portion)
General Onyx Silver (Black Portion)

Portion - Fruit Flavor
Jakobsson’s Melon Strong (Original Portion) - Watermelon Flavor
Göteborgs Rapé Hjortron (White Portion) - Cloudberry Flavor
Göteborgs Rapé Lingon (White Portion) - Lingonberry Flavor
Lundgrens Skåne (Slim White Portion) - Swedish Berry Flavor
Soldat Vinter (White Portion) - Wild Berry Flavor

Portion - Juniper Flavor
Göteborgs Rapé (Original Portion)
Göteborgs Rapé XR (Slim White Portion)
Göteborgs Rapé ONE (White Portion)
Kapten Enbar (White Portion)

Portion - Licorice Flavor
Kurbits Morgondagg (White Portion)
Oden’s Licorice (Original Portion)
LD Salmiak (Original Portion)
Catch Licorice (White Portion)
XR Catch Raspberry Licorice (Slim White Portion)
Offroad Licorice (Original Portion)

Portion - Menthol/Eucalyptus Flavor
Catch Eucalyptus (White Portion)

Portion - Mint - Blend Flavor
Jakobsson’s Mint Strong (Original Portion)
Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice Strong (White)

Portion - Mint - Peppermint Flavor
Kapten Mint (White Portion)
Catch XR Mint (Slim White Portion)
Skruf Mynta (Slim White Portion)
Skruf Fresh (Slim White Portion)
U-Sample No7 Vanilla-Mint (Slim White Portion)

Portion - Mint - Spearmint Flavor
Nick and Johnny Green Ice (Slim White Portion)
Offroad Frosted (Original Portion)
Thunder Frosted (Slim White Dry)

Portion - Misc/Alternative Flavor
Lundgrens Norrland (Slim White) - Spruce/Pine Flavor
Nick and Johnny Americana Strong (Original Portion) - Cherry Dr Pepper Flavor
Jakobsson’s Cola Strong (Original Portion) - Cola Flavor
Kurbitssnus Fabodsnus (White Portion) - Vanilla/Tobacco Flavor

Portion - Tobacco Flavor
Grov Stark (Original Portion)
Lab 06 Extra Strong (Slim Original Portion)
Ettan (White Portion)
Brukssnus (Original Portion)

Portion - Wintergreen Flavor
Oden’s Creamy Wintergreen Extreme (Original Portion)
Jakobsson’s Wintergreen Strong (Original Portion)
Thunder Wintergreen Extra Strong (Original Portion)

Göteborgs Prima Fint Loose
Roda Lacket Loose
Grov Loose
General Loose
Göteborgs Rapé Loose
Mustang Loose

Citrus/Traditional Flavor
General Chew Bags (Original Portion)
RITE Original (Slim White)
Skruf Xtra Strong (White Portion)

Fruit Flavor
Thunder Lit Ruby Sting (Original Portion)

Juniper Flavor
Göteborgs Rapé Chew Bags (White Portion)
Göteborgs Rapé (Slim White Dry)

Licorice Flavor
Ink X-Strong Black (White Portion)

Mint Flavor
Chainsaw (Cold Dry)
Skruf Fresh Xtra Strong (White Portion)
Thunder Frosted (Slim White Dry)
RITE Cold Dry (White Slim)

Tobacco Flavor
Thunder Original (White Portion)

Wintergreen Flavor
Thunder Winter Breeze (Slim White Dry)

Malmo Kardus (Long Cut)

Citrus/Traditional Flavor
Ace Superwhite (Slim)
Lyft Lime (Slim)
Zyn Citrus (Swedish Version, Slim)
Zyn Blood Orange (Slim)

Fruit Flavor
Skruf SuperWhite Blackberry (Slim)
Skruf SuperWhite Cassice (Slim)

Menthol Flavor
Ace Eucalyptus (Slim)

Misc/Alternative Flavor
Nordic Spirit Elderflower (Slim)

Mint Flavor
Lyft Mint (Slim)
Nordic Spirit Spearmint Intense (Slim)
White Fox (White)

Wintergreen Flavor
Lyft Winterchill X-Strong (Slim)

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