23 March 2018

Best Mint Snus Products - 23 March 2018.

When I first started using snus in 2009, there was one Swedish Snus product with a mint flavor - General Mini Mint. Now there are 87 mint flavored snus products on the market, accounting for almost 25% of all snus flavors on the market. One of the most common questions I get asked is what mint products I suggest. Considering they come in a variety of flavors, formats, and nicotine strengths, it's hard to simply suggest one. I decided it was time to write an article about mint products, and sort them by flavor, so anytime I get that question I can just link to this article. It's not that I'm lazy, it's just easier to refer to an article.  In the mint flavor category there seem to be 3 main flavor categories - peppermint, spearmint, and mint blend (meaning a mix of mint and other flavors).  I will make suggestions based on these three categories and flavors. So that you aren't overwhelmed, I'm limiting myself to 4 favorites from each flavor category. These are my suggestions, sorted by flavor.

Clicking the name of each snus will take you to my review of that particular product.  

Mint Blend

U-Sample No7 Sweet Mint (Slim Strong White) - Of the four listed, this one is my favorite.  It has a nice pairing of mint and vanilla, and a nicotine strength of 17mg/g.  It feels to be between a strong and an extra strong.

Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice White Portion (Xtra Strong) - This one is very unique; it's a blend of peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen. It has a nicotine strength of 12mg/g, and feels to be a little stronger than regular strength.

Jakobsson's Mint Original Portion (Strong) - This one has a mint flavor, but is balanced out by an herbal character and a hint of tobacco.  It clocks in at 14mg/g and feels firmly at the strong level.

G4 FU:ZN (Slim All White) - This is one of the white tobacco products, but I wanted to mention it because the flavor is really unique.  This one blends apple and spearmint and tastes quite good!  The nicotine strength is 19mg/g, and it feels to be right at the extra strong level.


Catch XRANGE Slim White - Of the four listed, this one is my favorite and one I've used regularly for the past year.  Regular strength snus with a mild peppermint taste, not too sweet.  It clocks in at 9mg/g of nicotine.

The Lab 12 Slim White (Strong) - This is another good one with a mild peppermint taste, but a little extra nicotine; clocking in at 14mg/g.

Thunder Cool Mint Slim White Dry (Extra Strong) - This one is one of my all time favorite mint products.  It has a smooth, sweet peppermint taste and 17mg/g of nicotine.

G3 Blue Mint Slim White (Extra Strong) - This one is close to Lab 12 in taste, but has more nicotine, clocking in at 18mg/g.


Nick & Johnny Green Ice (Slim White) - I used this one regularly for about a year, and consider it a favorite.  Though it comes in at 14mg/g of nicotine, it still feels to be about regular strength.

Offroad Frosted (Original Portion) - This one is a regular strength, 8mg/g snus in an original portion.  It has a nice, sweet spearmint flavor.

Thunder Frosted Slim White Dry - When it comes to spearmint, the two most popular are Thunder Frosted and Oden's Cold.  Of the Thunder Frosted lineup, I like this one the most.  It has a sweet spearmint flavor, a slim white dry portion, and 16mg/g of nicotine.

Oden's Cold Extreme Slim White Portion - Of the Oden's Cold line, I like this one the best due to how soft the portions are.  Be warned, it is an extreme snus, which means 22mg/g of nicotine!  It's quite strong.  The spearmint flavor in this one is a little less sweet than Thunder Frosted.

All of the products listed above are at SnusCENTRAL.com, so hopefully this will help you find your favorite!

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  1. What's about mentholated snus? Not really mint but quite minty ;) Oden's Menthol Xylitol Extreme White Dry is great stuff.