10 September 2015

Nick & Johnny: Green Ice (Slim White) - Review. 10 September 2015.

The Nick and Johnny series recently delisted Nick and Johnny: Desert Green and Swedish Match announced a new addition would take its place in the lineup - Nick and Johnny Green Ice. This is the first product in the Nick and Johnny series that is a regular nicotine strength, and the first slim portion in the Nick and Johnny series. The product is described as "a white slim pouch that keeps the flavor a long time and is not as visible under the lip. It has a taste with hints of wintergreen, spearmint and eucalyptus." After this one was announced, Swedish Match also announced they would be discontinuing Catch Spearmint Slim, which has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now.  My thought process was that they discontinued Desert Green so as to only have one product with "green" in the name, and discontinued Catch Spearmint because this product had a similar taste.  I'm not sure if that's what actually happened, but that was my thought.

When you open a can of Nick and Johnny Green Ice, one thing that is interesting is that the snus doesn't come in the star formation. It's interesting how they mix that up, because Nick and Johnny: Strong White doesn't come in the star formation, but Nick and Johnny: Crushed Ice White does.

When you open a can of Green Ice, the aroma that comes through is definitely a straightforward spearmint aroma.  In comparison to Catch Spearmint, this one doesn't seem to be as sweet to the smell as Catch Spearmint did.  It's more mild and mellow.  The portions are very, very soft and comfortable in the lip.  I do get a cooling presence that comes on in the mouth, which could be due to the presence of eucalyptus in the flavor.  Spearmint is the predominant flavor, but to be honest I don't really notice any wintergreen in the taste or smell.  By comparison to Catch Spearmint, the spearmint taste in this one is a little more mellow, and not quite as sweet, but still just as present.

As a big fan of Catch Spearmint, I think this product could definitely take its place in my regular rotation.  It's a nice spearmint taste, not as sweet, with a pleasant cooling sensation of eucalyptus in the flavor profile, but without the taste of eucalyptus.  To the lovers of Catch Spearmint, definitely give Green Ice a try!

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