08 May 2009

General Mini Mint - Review. 8 May 2009

Review Updated 5 May 2017:

I've always had a special connection to this product. General Mini Mint was the product that helped me quit smoking for good! When it was launched, it was said to be the "Camel Frost Killer", and that couldn't be more true. This product blows away any American "SNUS" product. General Mini Mint was launched a product focused on the US market, and for many it was their first experience with REAL Swedish snus. The flavor description says, "Snus with the refreshing taste of icy peppermint." It comes in a 6 gram can with 20 portions, or 0.3 grams per portion. The nicotine content is 4mg/g (0.4%), which breaks down to 1.2mg/portion.

When you open the can, the aroma is a moderately sharp smell of sweet peppermint. The portions are a little dryer than your average white portion and come with a nice cooling/tingling sensation when you put them in your lip. The taste is a mild, sweet taste of peppermint. There is also a little salt in the flavor which may be new to you if this is your first Swedish snus. It’s perfectly normal, however, and in time you won’t even notice it. The nicotine is not too high, because it’s a mini portion. I was able to quit smoking with this product, though, so if you’re someone who’s into mini portion snus you may find the nicotine content to be adequate. The taste lasts about an hour, which is much longer than I could keep the Camel “SNUS” in for! As far as snus product sold in the US go, this is one of the best and a must try for any mint snus lovers!

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