08 May 2009

General Mini Mint - Review. 8 May 2009

After switching from Camel Frost to Swedish Snus, this was my first trial into the new world of Swedish Snus. After I got my test kit of White Portion snus (General Original, General White, Catch White Eucalyptus, Grove White, GBG Rape, Roda Lacket, and Ettan White and Onico white) I was confused. I had tried Camel Frost and it was great, nice and minty, a little sweet, but a calm and soothing flavor, not overbearing. When my white kit arrived, I opened every can and smelled each individually to see what it was all about and was greeted with an overbearingly strong smell. I quickly put them back into the box, into the freezer, and went out and bought more Frost. The whole way to the store, I was thinking, "Surely all the people RAVING about Swedish Snus can't be confused, I don't understand it." So I did my research and realized I needed to try something different. So I've ordered many different kinds over the past week or so, and the first one to arrive to my door was the General Dry Mini Mint.

I opened the envelope and held the can in my hand, a little nervous. I was thinking, "OK, this is it. Just try it." I opened it and quickly smelled mint, and then a little of the previous smell I had experienced with the white portion test kit. I said, "No, I'm going to try this. STOP SMELLING THE SNUS! (as I have heard on the various forums before)". I put it in my mouth and quickly realized this was definately better than Camel Snus. General Mini Mint has a great taste, but not overly sweet like the Camel stuff. It has a fresh peppermint taste with a slight hint of tobacco and a little salt in the background - which was new to me, as this wasn't common with American "SNUS". The portion was small, and a little awkward compared to what I usually use, but I adjusted. The portion also lasts longer. With Camel Frost, I would have to leave it in for about 30 minutes before that overly sweet flavor starts seeping out, and I had to quickly give up and replace the piece I was on. But this, this is very good. I see this as being a staple in my collection. I've ordered alot more, so I can't wait to see what I think of the ones that come next. But definately a good first Swedish Snus, and an excellent transitional snus from American "snus" to Swedish Snus.

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