06 October 2015

Thunder Frosted (White Dry Slim) - Review. 6 October 2015.

I was very excited to hear about this snus. I'm a big slim portion junkie, and I'm glad to see V2 Tobacco pursuing more flavors in the slim portion format. Until recently, the only slim portion they've had actively sold is Thunder Frosted Longer+.  In the past, they sold a limited edition Thunder product called Thunder Chrome Long+, but it didn't stay around long.

The Frosted flavor is V2 Tobacco's most popular flavor.  They have more varieties than I can count, and amongst all the mint snus products on the market, the flavor remains one of the most popular available.

A few people asked if I could do a comparison between Thunder Frosted Longer+ and the new Thunder Frosted Slim White Dry.  I find the Thunder Frosted Longer+ to be a little slimmer than the Thunder Frosted White Dry, but it's about similar in length.

If you've missed reviews I've done in the past on white dry portions, I want to explain what a white dry snus is. A white dry snus is produced in the same way as a regular white portion but without any moisture added. The nicotine absorbs into the blood slower than usual until the portion is completely moist, then it will work much like a regular original portion does. When snus is taxed by weight, it saves money to sell snus in the white dry format because the added moisture doesn't add to the cost.  

When you open a can of Thunder Frosted White Dry Extra Strong, the aroma that comes through is a mild spearmint smell with a slight hint of sweetness. The portions are white dry, so at first they're uncomfortable, but the longer you have them in the lip and the more moist they get, the more comfortable they become. The flavor and the nicotine takes a little longer to develop than your regular white portion, but the flavor lasts a lot longer, which is a benefit of white dry portions. With these, I've been able to have them in my lip for up to 2 hours!  The flavor is a milder taste than your regular Thunder Frosted flavor, but it's still a pretty present taste of spearmint.  There is a tingle/cooling sensation that comes on when you put a portion in your lip, much like with most mint snus products.  The flavor takes about 15-20 minutes to develop, and at about the 30 minute mark it reaches its full flavor and tastes much like regular Thunder Frosted, but a little bit milder.  There's also a mild taste of tobacco in the background, which is nice, and works well with the tobacco flavor.  The taste lasts up into the 2 hour market, kicking and staying strong for quite a while!  Being an extra strong product, it also delivers a nice kick of nicotine.

If you're a fan of white portions, slim portions or mint snus flavors, this is definitely a product to check out.  I look forward to seeing more slim white portions from V2 Tobacco in the future.  I would personally love to see a Thunder Cola Slim White Portion!  Look for this to go on sale soon at your favorite retailer!

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