22 February 2018

G4 FU:ZN (Apple Mint) Slim All White - Review. 22 February 2018.

Today we're going to be talking about a new product in the G4 line from Swedish Match! First of all, "FU:ZN" I assume is pronounced like "fusion", but I wonder if this is SM poking fun at their own Zyn NT product? Zyn NT is an all white nicotine pouch product, so it made me curious if it was some playful inside joke or something. When it comes to this product, the fact that it's called G.4 shows how serious Swedish Match is about it. G4 means Generation 4. Swedish Match considers General Los to be Generation 1, which came in 1866. Then, the portion format in 1977 is considered Generation 2. The recent G3 line is considered the third generation, which was intended to be a perfect snus - Extra Strong, Slim Fit, Long Lasting, Soft Fit, Minimal Drip. Now we have this new product called G4. Perhaps Swedish Match considers white tobacco to be the future, as it looks to be their fourth generation, in terms of progression of snus itself.

This is a comparison between Epok Snus and General G.4.  This is the Blue Mint product, but it's the same stuff inside as what is in the Apple Mint product. You can see the portions look very much the same, as does the tobacco inside. The Epok tobacco is a little more white, and the G4 tobacco is a little more fine. Swedish Match said they’re using white tobacco which is added along with natural fibers. They say the product is white before, during, and after use.

The flavor description for this product says, "The snus has a light and spicy character with clear elements of green apple and spearmint, as well as some vanilla and coconut." This product comes in a 19.2 gram can with 24 portions, for 0.8 gram portions. The nicotine content is 19mg/g (1.9%) or 15.20mg/portion.

When I open the can, the aroma is a gentle smell of apple and a fresh, lightly sweet smell of spearmint. The portions are very soft, and quite comfortable in the lip. Being a mint product, there is also a nice cooling presence, as well. The taste is a gentle, light pairing of apple and mint. The apple taste is closer to a red delicious apple than a Granny Smith apple. The spearmint flavor is mild, but present, and not overly sweet. This product has a really smooth taste. The nicotine has a pretty immediately kick and feels firmly at the extra strong level. The tastes lasts up to about 45 minutes on average.  I didn't really taste any vanilla or coconut.

As far as mint products go, this is probably one of the best tasting mint products on the market.  I wasn't sure about blending apple and spearmint, but it's actually really good.  If this product was ever available to e-commerce stores, it would give Epok some competition.  Right now, it's only available via the Swedish Match e-store, however.  So if you're in Sweden, it's worth a try!

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  1. Bought a 5-pack of this snus on my weekend-trip to Sweden from Norway, and without ever having heard of it I knew it was a risk as I'm not a huge fan of white pouches or mint flavors, but I remembered that I liked the G4 blue mint. Cant say that I'm disappointed. Great taste, and G4 delivers the nicotine so fast that I can actually feel it for the first time in a while!