26 May 2015

Jakobsson's Mint Strong - Review. 26 May 2015.

In the past I've no doubt written about mint snuses. In fact, it used to be all I used. Now, I limit my mint snus to after I brush my teeth. But as one who can enjoy a mint snus I can keep an open mind when approaching this one and speak pretty objectively about it. For me, to enjoy a mint snus, it has to have a taste that is different from the average mint flavor. This product definitely delivers that. Opening a can of Jakobsson's Mint Strong Portion you'll be greeted with a sweet mint aroma accompanied by what I can describe best as a gentle pairing with herbs.

The portions are very moist, comfortable, and soft. The taste comes on quickly as soon as you put the snus into your mouth. The taste is a slightly sweet but herbal flavor paired gently with mint and rounded out with a nice salt balance to it. There also seems to be a presence of eucalyptus with this snus, as well. This product seems to blend quality Swedish craftsmanship with an eye for the American snus market. It's a good balance and definitely the best of both worlds. The nicotine release is quick, and this being a strong portion at around 14mg of nicotine it provides a nice little kick to it. The flavor lasts quite a while, and while it is sweet it's not too sweet, which seems to be a problem whenever mint is brought into the equation. I definitely dig whatever herbal flavors they added to the recipe because it's what makes this snus truly stand apart from other mint snuses on the market today.

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