27 November 2014

Best Budget/Value Priced Snus Products - 27 November 2014.

One question I get asked often is, "What are the best snus products that come at a low price?". Snus prices can get pretty high, and a lot of folks want to keep their costs at under 4$ a can.  Thankfully, there are quite a few snus products out there that come with a great taste, and a great value!

Granted, there are quite a few budget flavors that I'm not a fan of, there are quite a few that I do enjoy!  In this article I'll discuss some of my favorite products that can save you money! 

Traditional Flavors

Olde Ving Original Portion
Price - 3.01$ USD per can

Our Review: "When I opened the can, I detected a sweet, floral aroma much like with Gustavus. The portions are moist and very comfortable in the lip. Now, the flavor of this is where it gets interesting. When I first put a portion in, I enjoyed a very moderate citrus flavor, slightly sweet with just a little salt flavor in the background. About 30 minutes in, the citrus flavor fades and this is when I think Olde Ving Originalshines. The citrus flavor fades and you experience a very pleasant but simple flavor. I'm going to use the phrase "Pure Tobacco" but not in the sense I'd be describing Grov, but a more simple and mellow flavor. A very mild and enjoyable flavor that lasts all the way to the end of this portion."

Gustavus Original Portion
Price - 3.37$ USD per can

Our Review: "Upon opening the can, a bouquet of aromas jump out to greet you. You can smell citrus, pepper, sweet floral notes; all these aromas come together in the most beautiful way. It's a very unique aroma. Gustavus is an original portion, but isn't overflowing with moisture. The portion is moist, comfortable, but doesn't have a massive amount of drip or moisture to it, which makes it okay in my book. The taste is very complex, but all ties together with such beautiful simplicity that it makes you wonder (if you're trying it for the first time) where this snus has been all your life. A sweet taste of citrus greets you up front, and as you have the portion in your lip it starts to mingle with a pleasant floral taste - much like the rose oil you would find in Skruf snus. There is a very mild pepper taste in the background and, as with most Swedish snus, a salt flavor too - but only as an afterthought, it doesn't have a dominating flavor like in other snuses."

LD Original Portion
Price - 3.51$ USD per can

Our Review: "When you open the can the aroma immediately comes through and it's a very bold and present citrus aroma. The portions are very moist, packed full, and incredibly comfortable. The taste of aroma is a a very classic Swedish traditional taste - a very strong citrus/bergamot flavor, a great pepper flavor and a little salt in the background. The tobacco taste is very mildly present, but the citrus is in the front seat when it comes to this snus."

Tobacco Centric Flavors

Offroad Silver Original Portion
Price - 2.71$ USD per can

Our Review: "When you open the can the aroma is a mellow, earthy tobacco smell. The flavor is pretty simple, a mild tobacco flavor with a hint of salt. I remarked in the past that this one reminds me of what Grov Lite would taste like if Swedish Match made one. For a value snus, it's pretty good. If you're looking to save money and want a snus that tastes like tobacco but doesn't have the traditional Swedish Snus taste of bergamot/citrus, this would be a good one for you to pick up and try."

Kaliber Original Extra Tobakssmak Portion
Price - 3.68$ USD per can

Our Review:  "The aroma is a very bold tobacco smell with hints of leather, it reminded me a little of Nick & Johnny Original. The taste is a very straight forward and bold tobacco flavor with a little citrus in the background and a nutty and earthy flavor. It reminds me of a poor man's Nick & Johnny, a lighter flavor, but with similar profile - inspired, perhaps, by Nick and Johnny."

Flavored Snus

Oden's Extreme 59 Portion:
Price - 3.58$ USD per can

Our Review: "The aroma is very pleasant - a mellow cinnamon smell. It doesn't have the spicy/pepper smell of Oden's Extreme, which is interesting as I thought it would be mixed in there somewhere. The portions are full, and quite comfortable in the lip. The nicotine hit is quite strong, as is to be expected of a snus under the Extreme flag. The taste is very pleasant, a mellow and natural cinnamon taste with very little salt to speak of. Much like I observed with Oden's Kanel ES, it isn't a sweet cinnamon, but a very raw tasting cinnamon. There is a slight note of spiciness in the background, but not the peppery taste I've come to know and love with Extreme itself, it's much more an afterthought in this snus."

Oden's Lakrits Original Portion
Price - 3.56$ USD per can

Our Review: "The aroma of Oden's Lakrits doesn't immediately turn me off - which is a good step forward. The smell reminds me of one of those black Jelly Belly's, which actually are pretty good. The portions are super moist, which is to be expected of most GN products. The nicotine content is low, around 8-9mg, so if you're an Extreme junkie wanting to get facesmashed, this snus won't do it for you. The taste is actually pretty good. I'll go out on a limb and say it's the best licorice snus I've had yet! That black Jelly Belly taste carries through to the snus and it's a slightly sweet black licorice taste. It's quite good."

Offroad Frosted Portion
Price - 2.99$ USD per can

Our Review: "The aroma of Offroad Frosted is very reminiscent of Thunder Frosted, a fresh spearmint aroma, and the taste is similar as well. Granted, it does not taste exactly like Thunder Frosted, but the flavor is pretty close. Very pure, fresh, clear taste of spearmint with a pleasant aftertaste. And the thing I like most - the nicotine content. 8mg portions. Granted, form time to time I do like a sterk, but when I just want a mint snus, it's nice that I can now reach for a non-mini portion with a regular portion nicotine content and a great flavor."

Olde Ving Fudge Original Portion
Price - 3.23$ USD per can

Our Review: "When you open the can, a very familiar smell comes through. Now, at first, I heard others mentioning "Coconut", and I didn't pick it up. Maybe it was because I only tried one portion, I don't know. But now when I sit with a can and open it, I can't escape it. Chocolate with hints of coconut. And the taste isn't very far off! Almond Joy is my favorite candy bar when I do crave something sweet, and this snus reminds me a lot of that. A sweet chocolatey taste with hints of coconut. It's fantastic. No matter who you are, or what snus you use regularly, you have to try this. It's great."

Thunder Cola Original Portion
Price - 3.63$ per can

Our Review: "When I opened the can, that quickly put my mind to ease. The aroma is obviously Cola, nothing fancy, no hints or subtle notes of anything. Plain and simple Cola. To be honest, it doesn't remind me of Coke or Pepsi, but one of the more natural Cola products, like a Jones Soda or Boylan Cola, two of which make soda with real sugar, and not that HFCS crap that other companies use. For some reason, to my palette, these Cola products taste more natural and not as sweet. So the aroma is pretty simple. The taste is the same, and to answer my question earlier, it lasts a long time. The flavor remained for quite some time, up to the 45min-1hr mark. The taste is much like I mentioned in the aroma, the taste of cola, but not way too sweet, which is what I honestly hoped would happen with this snus. The taste is reminiscent of the more natural colas, and not the ones burdened down with HFCS and oversweetened. Excellent job with the flavor V2, very impressive stuff."

LD Enbar White Portion
Price - 3.51$ USD per can

Our Review: "When you open a can, the aroma that comes through is juniper, but more muted than is common in Goteborg's Rape. The portions are white, and have an average moisture content. The flavor is very predominantly juniper, but with almost a blueberry hint in the flavor and a little citrus taste in the back wrapped in a mellow salt balance. Going into this one, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised that this is a pretty good tasting snus. I've been enjoying a lot of Goteborg's Rape Slim lately, and I enjoy that one more than this one, so I don't foresee it taking the place of GR, however if you're a fan of LD, and want to save a little money, you could check this one out. LD Enbar is an 18g can, whereas GR White is a 21.6g can. The LD Enbar is roughly 1.00$ USD cheaper per can, so you save about 10$ per roll. If you're price conscious when it comes to snus, this is one that you don't have to sacrifice taste to save a little money. It's not the same as Goteborg's Rape, but the flavor is similar, and it's of a good enough quality that I could see someone using it full time."

Loose Snus

Offroad Silver Los
Price - 2.99$ per can

Our Review: "The aroma of this one is more kicked up than the Original Portion, it's an earthy tobacco smell, but more present than the portion format. I really like the taste of this one. If you're a fan of tobacco-centric flavors and enjoy los, I definitely encourage you to try this one. It's a good, straightforward tobacco flavor. More pronounced than the original portion, and with a little hint of smoke and a mild presence of salt. I like the flavor of this one more than the Original Portion, due to it being a lossnus this is as close to the tobacco as you can get. I definitely enjoyed this one and would re-order it in the future."

Smaland's Los
Price - 3.76$ USD per can

Our Review: "When you open a can of Smaland's Los, the aroma that comes through is a very simple and mellow tobacco smell. I was surprised, however, that the los was much better than the portions. The tobacco is a gentle, earthy flavor. There is a very mild smoky flavor to it, but it's not too strong or present. There is a nice little salt balance but no pepper to speak of. It's interesting how vastly better this is than the portions. The flavor is similar in concept to Goteborg's Prima Fint, in my opinion, but it lacks the sweetness that Prima Fint has and the tobacco flavor is a tad more mild. But for a budget brand, this los is actually very good. If you're a fan of tobacco centric snus flavors and want to save a few bucks, I'd give this one a shot."

Knekt Los
Price - 3.77$ USD per can

Our Review: "When I open a can of this the aroma that comes through reminds me of Lucky Strike but without the smoky/"toasted" hints. Basically, a mellow tobacco aroma. When it comes to the taste of this one, it's much better than the portion formats I had tried a few years ago. The taste reminds me of the tobacco flavor of Lucky Strike - a pleasant, mellow tobacco flavor but mixed with the traditional Swedish Snus bergamot flavor profile. There's a very slight taste of citrus, but the tobacco flavor is front and center in this one. I wish the portions tasted like this, because the los is actually pretty good!"

LD Los
Price - 3.72$ USD per can

Our Review: "When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is the classic Swedish Snus smell of bergamot/citrus. The flavor is a lot like the regular LD snus. The tobacco flavor is very mild, and the citrus flavor is in the front and tastes like a presence of bergamot and lemon. There's a nice pepper taste mixed in along with a little salt. If you're familiar with General, the LD brand isn't too far from it when it comes to flavor. I wouldn't say their twins by any means, but the flavors are pretty close."

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