Thunder Coola (Cola) - Review (Discontinued). 31 January 2011.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

A few weeks back I wrote a preview for Thunder Coola, a new Cola flavored snus from V2. Many webstores will be getting their supplies this week, and you'll be able to order this soon! I've been pretty excited to try this since I heard about it a few months ago. This snus is actually the brainchild of Patrick at V2, and it shows just how cool it is to have a relatively small snus company, because it gives them the creativity to make their favorite flavors come to life in snus form. My ultimate question before trying this was this: "Can V2 capture the flavor of Cola in a snus without making it too sweet?" And if so, how long can this flavor last? In 2007, an Offroad Cola was released as part of a limited edition, but wasn't up to par with what Patrick wanted, so fast forward 3 years later and Cola is back in Thunder form!

When I opened the can, that quickly put my mind to ease. The aroma is obviously Cola, nothing fancy, no hints or subtle notes of anything. Plain and simple Cola. To be honest, it doesn't remind me of Coke or Pepsi, but one of the more natural Cola products, like a Jones Soda or Boylan Cola, two of which make soda with real sugar, and not that HFCS crap that other companies use. For some reason, to my palette, these Cola products taste more natural and not as sweet. So the aroma is pretty simple. The taste is the same, and to answer my question earlier, it lasts a long time. The flavor remained for quite some time, up to the 45min-1hr mark. The taste is much like I mentioned in the aroma, the taste of cola, but not way too sweet, which is what I honestly hoped would happen with this snus. The taste is reminiscent of the more natural colas, and not the ones burdened down with HFCS and oversweetened. Excellent job with the flavor V2, very impressive stuff.

Thunder Cola is a very moist snus with a very comfortable mouthfeel. Looking at this pic you can see that the portions are VERY moist, reminds me of the Thunder Frosted portions I used to use. Very comfortable in the lip. The nicotine hit is quick, since this is a Thunder product, and very strong. Granted, I don't use strong portions that often, and the ones I use are around 14mg and very rarely, so this one hit me pretty hard. If you're used to Thunder I'd assume you'll find the nicotine content on par with what you've had in the past. It's very enjoyable. So in the end - Thunder Coola is a great new snus from V2, a pleasant cola taste that isn't overly sweet as I had feared when I heard about it. Comfortable and very moist portions with a great mouthfeel.


  1. Spot on.. wasnt as "strong" as I expected and very little drip as moist as these were. Thumbs up !

  2. where can I order this online?


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