15 May 2010

Olde Ving - Original. Review. 16 May 2010.

For those who are curious what Olde Ving is, this product used to be called "Olde Viking", but GNT rebranded them as "Olde Ving" over some issue with the name.  I know the name is rather silly, it makes me think of Old Gregg for some reason. If you don't know who Old Gregg is, make sure and check out this video. Trust me, it's worth it.  Out of all the products that GN Tobacco makes, this one is my absolute favorite. I haven't found another GNT product that tastes as good as this one.

When you open a can of Olde Ving Original, the aroma that comes through is a light and airy citrus smell accompanied by a mild floral presence.  The portions are quite moist and very comfortable in the lip.  The flavor is where this snus shines.  Much like the aroma, the light and airy citrus flavor of this snus takes center stage.  You don't taste much tobacco, but there is a really nice floral presence to this flavor.  It reminds me of a springtime type flavor, almost like honeysuckle.  It's a very nice blending of flavors.  If you've never had Olde Ving Original before, I definitely suggest trying this one.

 The only store I know of that ships this to the US is Snus24.com, so if you wanna try it, grab a can from them. It's quite good!

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