31 March 2013

History of V2 Limited Editions. Updated 22 October 2015.

Over the years, V2 Tobacco has released some pretty interesting limited editions.  Some of these flavors have been great, some have been good, and some have been not so good.  Let's hop in the wayback machine and take a look at the history of V2 Tobacco's limited edition releases.

Offroad Limited Edition 2007

In 2007, they released Offroad Limited 2007, which had some interesting flavors. Peach, Apple, Cola, Coffee-Vanilla, and Ice-Mint. The Apple, Coffee Vanilla, and Ice-Mint actually did so well that they stayed around for a bit. The Apple was quite gross, the Coffee Vanilla had a large fan following, and the Ice-Mint was a "meh-mint", not really exciting to me, but did pave the way for Offroad Frosted, which totally kicks ass in my most humble of opinions.

Offroad Limited Edition 2008

In 2008, they released Offroad Limited 2008, which had Hot Honey, Wild Strawberry, Brandy Alexander, Eucalyptus, and Orange. Hot Honey and Strawberry didn't stay around. Brandy Alexander materialized later in los form for the Nordströmmen Loose Limited Edition in January 2009. Eucalyptus never came back around, and Orange was used in some way in a few later releases - Offroad 2009 had an orange tasting snus, and then in 2010 Offroad Long-Cut Orange was released and was pretty good.

Nordströmmen Loose Limited Edition 2009

This release came in January 2009, and was simply amazing. It was a limited edition release of nothing but los, and had the most amazing flavors the snus world has seen to date. Brandy Alexander, Dark Vanilla, Mandarine, Tobacco Top, and Chocolate Raspberry. Brandy Alexander came in an early version as portion, Dark Vanilla never showed back up, Mandarine came back in a limited edition later on in the year, Tobacco Top never came back around, and Chocolate Raspberry was released later on in 2009 in the same portion limited edition that Mandarine reappeared in. I didn't review all of this, I did one for Chocolate Raspberry, which was the first los snus I ever tried. I still have some of the Dark Vanilla and Brandy Alexander as well, which I use very sparingly, because it's so damn good! This snus package was the best limited release V2 has ever done.

Offroad Limited Edition 2009

In October 2009, Offroad Limited Edition 2009 was released, which had the flavors Mandarine, Mango Cream, Moonshine, Sweet Clove, and Chocolate Raspberry. All of these flavors stayed in production after the limited release for a short period of time before being taken offline. The Mandarine and Chocolate Raspberry returned from the Los Line, Mango Cream and Sweet Clove were excellent - I have a roll of the Sweet Clove left and still use it on occasion, it was wonderful. The Moonshine, well, it came from the depths of hell. Worst snus I've ever had in my life. I mean, it was bad. It tasted like hangover. I did a review of the whole line shortly after it was released, but the flavor of moonshine still haunts me to this day.

Thunder Chrome Series 2011

In 2011 came the Thunder Chrome Series.  The flavors were OT-5, Cola, Blue, Chocolate Mint and Coffee Supreme.  The flavors weren't really new or revolutionary, OT-5 was a version of snus from the Thunder Test Series.  Also included was Coola and Blue, which were also already released.  Then came ChocMint, which was a Chocolate Mint flavor similar to the flavor of Fellini Mint, now called Offroad Mint Mini.  And lastly was a new flavor of coffee - Coffee Supreme.   I was a part of the test group which helped develop the flavor and I was very pleased with the results - I wasn't exactly a fan of Coffee Vanilla Offroad, but I found this snus to be quite good.  So not many new or crazy and experimental flavors in this release, but it was cool to see a line of long+ snuses in a variety of flavors.  The ChocMint was really good, I enjoyed it for quite some time, it was my favorite of the line. I reviewed them in this article.

Thunder Limited Edition 2014

After a few years off, V2 returned to the limited edition scene in 2014 with the Thunder Limited Edition.  This year saw the release of Thunder Apple, Melon, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Caramel Vanilla.  The Apple and Melon flavors proved to be quite popular, and these flavors lived on after the limited edition release was discontinued.  The Caramel Vanilla was a personal favorite, it was a shame it was discontinued and didn't live on.  I honestly thought it was the one of the bunch that people would like the most.

Thunder Limited Edition 2015

In 2015, the Thunder Limited Edition returned with five interesting flavors: Thunder Gold (Classic Tobacco Taste), Thunder Prima Lima (Lime), Thunder Limo G'N'M (Lemongrass and Mint), Thunder Nilla Shock (Vanilla) and Thunder Kickass (Jalapeno and Chili).  Unfortunately, none of these flavors proved popular enough to survive the limited edition period and all of the flavors were discontinued within a few months of the release.  I didn't particularly like the Limo G'N'M, but I found the rest of the flavors to be pretty solid.

So, what does the future bring? I have a suggestion. With the rise of "premium snus"/"craft snus" products such as Swedish Match's Kardus, GN Tobacco's Islay Whisky Snus and AG Snus' Crafted Snus: Whisky, I think it's time for a premium snus offering in portion format. V2 already has a brand they could do this under: Nordströmmen. I think a limited edition premium snus offering would sell very well. I'm already casting my vote that Brandy Alexander be included, but I would also like to see a rum snus included, as well.  We're coming up on the end of the year, and I think that V2 could definitely pull this off.  I know Brandy Alexander had quite a following, and to include a portion version of that along with a variety of premium flavors would push this to any snus fans "must have list".  So, V2, if you're listening, that's my suggestion.

Do you want to see this happen?  Sign this petition!

List of limited edition flavors:

Apple (Offroad, 2007)
Apple (Thunder, 2014)
Blue (Thunder, 2011)
Brandy Alexander (Nordstrommen, 2009)
Brandy Alexander (Offroad, 2008)
Caramel Vanilla (Thunder, 2014)
Chocolate Mint (Thunder, 2011)
Chocolate Raspberry (Nordstrommen, 2009)
Chocolate Raspberry (Offroad, 2009)
Clove/“Sweet Clove” (Offroad, 2009)
Coffee Supreme (Thunder, 2011)
Coffee-Vanilla (Offroad, 2007)
Cola (Offroad, 2007)
Cola (Thunder, 2011)
Eucalyptus (Thunder, 2014)
Eucalytpus (Offroad, 2008)
Hot Honey (Offroad, 2008)
Ice-Mint (Offroad, 2007)
Jalapeño and Chili/“Kickass” (Thunder, 2015)
Lemon (Thunder, 2014)
Lemongrass and Mint/“Limo G’N’M” (Thunder, 2015)
Lime/“Prima Lima” (Thunder, 2015)
Mandarine (Nordstrommen, 2009)
Mandarine (Offroad, 2009)
Mango Cream (Offroad, 2009)
Melon (Thunder, 2014)
Moonshine (Offroad, 2009)
Orange (Offroad, 2008)
OT-5 (Thunder, 2011)
Peach (Offroad, 2007)
Strawberry/“Wild Strawberry” (Offroad, 2008)
Tobacco/“Gold” (Thunder, 2015)
Tobacco/"Tobacco Top" (Nordstrommen, 2009)
Vanilla/“Dark Vanilla” (Nordstrommen, 2009)
Vanilla/“Nilla Shock” (Thunder, 2015)


  1. Good Heavens Chad, you are a snus historian/maniac but we appreciate the effort, sincerely. I will have to sign that thing but as I've written earlier, these flavors never seem to make it to market. Is there a way to sign up for Snubie alerts on our phones or something? These test flavors and exotics seem to be around for a few weeks and then poof, they're gone!

  2. If you like our Facebook page (Facebook.com/Snubie) we usually post breaking news there, so that's the quickest way to find whatever is happening up to the minute.