02 June 2015

Thunder Prima Lima (Lime) Extra Strong - Review. 2 June 2015.

It's that time of year again and V2 Tobacco has launched the 2015 Thunder Limited Edition line!  As with last year, this release comes once again in the big snus can which contains two cans of each of the 5 new flavors: Gold, Prima Lima (Lime), Nilla Shock (Vanilla), Kickass (Jalapeño and Chili) and Limo G'N'M (Lemongrass and Mint).  As always, the big can is a limited edition item and once it sells out you won't be able to purchase the snus in the big can.  Last year I did all of these reviews in one article, but this year I'm going to do them all separately.  The reason being that V2 will more than likely add a few of these to full time status in a few months, sales depending, and it's easier to keep them separate in different articles.  Now, on to the review!

I'm very glad to see the lime category growing. For a long time, the snus market was lacking in that area, but over the past few years more and more of them have been popping up. There still aren't many - currently we have Epok Lime, Oden's Lime Loose, Oden's Lime Extreme and Oden's Lime Extra Stark.  My personal favorite is Goteborg's Rape Lime, which I use a lot in the summertime.  So when V2 announced a Lime snus in the Thunder 2015 Limited Edition release, I was quite excited about it.

When you open a can of Thunder Prima Lima, the aroma that comes through is a mellow and lime smell with a hint of tobacco in the background.  It doesn't come through very sweet at all, which made me happy.  The lime flavor is very natural and tart, and lacks any added sweetness.  You can pick up a little bit of tobacco in the background and there's a nice little salt balance to round out the flavor.  If you're a fan of lime and want a snus with a strong nicotine content, this is definitely one to try out!

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