Thunder Chrome Long+ - Reviews. (Limited Edition) 13 September 2011.

NOTE:  This product was a limited edition release and is no longer for sale.

The day is upon us! The long awaited Thunder Chrome Limited Edition (Long+) has finally been released. I know lots of people have been looking forward to this. Ever since V2 dropped their first long+ portion, the masses have been asking for a bigger variety in a long portion, and this is the answer to that. I've always agreed that a long portion is the best way to enjoy snus - it's the most comfortable fit in the lip. So this limited release has been released in all long portions to please that demographic that just so happens to love a portion that fits comfortably in the lip - but then again, who wouldn't? These portions are also very slim, and as I've never had a V2 portion I can't say if this is typical or not, but it's not a bad thing. As they are all strong portions, maybe them being slim won't make them as strong as usual.

The first one I went to was the Blue. I'm so mixed on V2's "Blue" line. I love the taste profile, but not in all of the Blue offerings. I can't stand the Phantom Blue (Original Portion) and Thunder Blue (Original Portion) because of that windex smell. But the Phantom Blue (Loose) and Phantom Blue (White Portion) are amongst my all time favorites. So how does this rate? The Windex-y smell is still there, but it's not as strong. I'll admit that's always an immediate turn off. But the taste is spot on. So if you can get past the smell, the taste is great. It has the clear juniper taste with little hints of lemon in it, and almost a peppery bite in the background that I haven't noticed in Blue before. Maybe V2 is working to tweak the recipe a bit, but it wasn't too bad. Not my favorite of the line - but I know Blue has a lot of loyal fans so I imagine this one will be right up their alley.

ChocMint is FABULOUS. I can't say that enough. For those of you who have had Fellinni Mint in the past, it has essentially the same taste. The aroma is great, it smells like an Andes Mint. A rich chocolate aroma with clear hints of mint. The taste is the same, it has this icy, almost menthol feel wrapped around the wonderful flavor of rich chocolate and a nice, natural mint taste. I plan on definitely buying more of this because this would make a great after dinner snus. I'm not a big fan of mints, but this snus has so much going for it that the mint isn't the only thing in the recipe that you notice. This one definitely gets a thumbs up from me, and I'm glad that V2 kicked up the Fellinni Mint recipe to a bigger and stronger portion.

The Coola (Cola) is another one I really like. I gave strong reviews in the past to Thunder Coola and Offroad Coola (White Portion), this is no different. The aroma is a clear and natural but slightly sweet Cola aroma. The taste is great. It tastes like an all natural Cola product, as I mentioned last time I reviewed Coola it reminds me of a Jones Soda or Boylan Cola, two all natural Cola products. The taste is a little sweet, but not in an unpleasant or un-natural way. No hints or subtle notes of anything, this snus is just straight up Cola. If you've had the Thunder or Offroad in the past - the recipe is unchanged, just shifted into a long portion.

OT-5 is one I've been waiting for. When V2 began experimenting in the past with the Test Series to add a new Thunder with a classic taste to their product line, OT-5 was my favorite. The taste is unchanged, and I'm glad no tweaking or changing was done to the recipe. I like this one much more than the classic Thunder taste. It's a much better flavor profile. As I described in my last review, "The aroma of this one harkens a lot to Retro or Olde Viking Original, in my opinion, it's the closest thing I could think of to compare. A simple, mellow tobacco aroma, very traditional. The flavor is very simple. Whereas test 3 was a sweet, rich tobacco flavor, I find this one to be close, but without the sweetness. Which is why I mentioned Retro/Olde Viking Original in the aroma, that aroma stayed true in the taste department, too. There is a very slight citrus flavor, but for the most part the taste of this snus is a very simple tobacco flavor with mild citrus notes, very little salt flavor, all wrapped up in a very mild experience." This snus is great.

And now, the long awaited Coffee Supreme. I was glad to be a part of the "Heisenberg" team that helped to develop this snus. It's hard to believe it's been a year since we started testing this, but the results have been worth the work, and the wait! I'm not a big fan of Coffee, and I certainly wasn't a fan of the Coffee Vanilla. But I like the aroma and the presence of Coffee, if that makes sense. I think the coffee bean itself provides a great flavor, just not in a drink, if that makes sense. When the final recipe was released, I think V2 did just what the original goal was - to make the best Coffee Snus available. This also coincidentally happens to be the only coffee snus available. But comparing it to the Offroad in the past, and the other Coffee Snus I liked - Mocca Macchiato, I can say this one takes the cake. The aroma is a rich and robust coffee smell with none of that vanilla sweetness or unnatural aromas coming through. The taste is great, a very bold coffee taste with a smooth and slightly sweet taste in the background. This isn't like C/V and doesn't have any unnatural sweetness to it - which I think makes it so good. It's just a straight up, bold, rich coffee taste. I think all coffee lovers will like this, and Premium Parrots from SnusOn - who just so happens to be the biggest fan of Coffee Vanilla in the world - gave it his thumbs up, so that's another good mark for it in my book.

So all together, the Chrome line is pretty good. The Blue was okay, but the others were a great addition to V2's strong and growing product line.