Thunder Kickass (Jalapeño & Chili) Extra Strong - Review. 2 June 2015.

It's that time of year again and V2 Tobacco has launched the 2015 Thunder Limited Edition line!  As with last year, this release comes once again in the big snus can which contains two cans of each of the 5 new flavors: Gold, Prima Lima (Lime), Nilla Shock (Vanilla), Kickass (Jalapeño and Chili) and Limo G'N'M (Lemongrass and Mint).  As always, the big can is a limited edition item and once it sells out you won't be able to purchase the snus in the big can.  Last year I did all of these reviews in one article, but this year I'm going to do them all separately.  The reason being that V2 will more than likely add a few of these to full time status in a few months, sales depending, and it's easier to keep them separate in different articles.  Now, on to the review!

Of all the flavors announced for the Thunder 2015 Limited Edition, I think this is the one people have been the most curious about. I'm a big fan of Nick and Johnny Red Hot (formerly Radical Red) which has a little burn to it and a nice cinnamon/chili flavor.  So when I heard about this one, I was definitely intrigued and excited.  I don't eat a lot of jalapeños, but it's something I've never had in a snus before so I'm always up for something new!  And with a name like "Kickass" it's definitely bound to generate some buzz.

The aroma of Thunder Kickass is a spicy pepper aroma - it reminds me more of a green chile than a jalapeño.  It gives a nice little sting to the nostrils when you sniff it.  There's just a little bit of mint that comes through in the aroma, but not too much.  When you put this one it has a nice burn that comes on as soon as the portion hits your gums.  The taste is a mellow pepper taste - like with the aroma it reminds me more of a green chile than a jalapeño.  The flavor has a nice little spice to it, but it's not so spicy that it gets in the way of the pepper flavor.  I'm not the biggest fan of spicy food, but I found the taste to be rather enjoyable.  I'm thinking the jalapeño may be what contributes to the burn, and the green chili is what contributes more to the flavor.  The description of this originally said "spearmint, jalapeño and chili".  I couldn't taste any mint but there was a mild "cooling" presence with this snus but it didn't come through in flavor.  It's hard to explain but there was a definite burn with this one along the gums/lip, but the cooling sensation was present in the whole mouth, if that makes sense.  This is definitely an interesting flavor, and if you're a lover of peppers and want a snus with a little burn to it, this would be right up your alley!