Thunder Limo G'N'M (Lemongrass & Mint) Extra Strong - Review. 2 June 2015.

It's that time of year again and V2 Tobacco has launched the 2015 Thunder Limited Edition line!  As with last year, this release comes once again in the big snus can which contains two cans of each of the 5 new flavors: Gold, Prima Lima (Lime), Nilla Shock (Vanilla), Kickass (Jalapeño and Chili) and Limo G'N'M (Lemongrass and Mint).  As always, the big can is a limited edition item and once it sells out you won't be able to purchase the snus in the big can.  Last year I did all of these reviews in one article, but this year I'm going to do them all separately.  The reason being that V2 will more than likely add a few of these to full time status in a few months, sales depending, and it's easier to keep them separate in different articles.  Now, on to the review!

This was definitely an unexpected flavor. When it comes to mint, V2 Tobacco has 16 different mint flavors (Offroad, Thunder and Al Capone - you can find reviews of all of these on, so I was glad to see that the mint release from the 2015 Thunder Limited Edition would be a different twist on the mint flavor profile.  For those who are unfamiliar with lemongrass, it is an eastern flavor and it is frequently used in Asian dishes. The only time I've ever had lemongrass is in tea form. If you're never had it before, the tea tastes like lemon with a hint of lime and ginger. But it's mostly a lemon-y taste. It will be interesting to see how these flavors pair together.

When you open a can of Thunder Limo G'N'M a mellow lemon aroma comes through with a little herbal smell.  Neither the aroma or taste of mint is detectable when it comes to this snus.  When you put a portion in your lip there is an immediate cooling sensation that comes on followed by the taste of lemon and a little herbal flavor.  As the flavor develops a taste of menthol/eucalyptus starts to develop and mingle with the taste of lemon.  I haven't detected any mint in the flavor of this snus - it seems to be more of a menthol/eucalyptus taste than mint.

When it comes to Thunder Limo G'N'M, I couldn't really get into the taste.  I can imagine if you're into the eucalyptus flavor of snus this would be one that could appeal to you.  If you're looking for a mint flavored snus, you may want to try something else.  The flavor of this one seems to be a pairing of lemon and eucalyptus.  It's an interesting taste, just not one that I would order again.