Offroad Long Cut: Orange. (Limited Edition) Review. 6 October 2010.

NOTE:  This product was a limited edition release and is no longer for sale.

When it comes to snus, citrus is kind of a big deal. We've had Elder Lime, Mandarine, Ginger Orange and various varieties of citrus with the popular branding of bergamot. Citrus is a very popular element of traditional Swedish Snus. To my recollection, this is the first snus branded "Orange" with no other tagline attached to it, and the third in the series of long cut released under the Offroad name from V2 tobacco. As I liked Mandarine from the Offroad Limited Edition 2009, I trust V2 when it comes to orange-ish flavored snus, so this wasn't one I went into fearing.

So, what variety of citrus does this one actually resemble? When you open the can, a mild/mellow aroma that is reminiscent of orange zest greets you, mixed with a little rich tobacco. The snus is in the long cut style, and is very soft and moist. As with the other varities, this was also very pinchable and easy to handbake, though this time I used an Icetool (just to see if I could). I made a nice prilla and inserted it into my lip. The flavor is a very mild orange, not resembling either lime or bergamot, but favors more the traditional orange peel/zest taste. It is very mild and balanced with a rich tobacco taste and rounded out by a gentle salt balance. The taste wasn't overbearingly sweet or anything, I found it to be rather pleasant with an interesting taste that I haven't experienced in a snus before. I call it "straight up orange". As this is the third in a series of limited releases, when it's gone it's gone! Offroad Long Cut Orange goes on sale soon, so keep an eye out on e-stores and pick up some today!