25 October 2014

Gotlandssnus to discontinue SIX products. 25 October 2014.

Our friends at SnusCENTRAL.org published some shocking information today. First, the article mentions that Jakobsson's Melon Strong will no longer be sold in the US due to being turned down by the FDA. As you know, Phillips and King distributes Jakobsson's products to brick and mortar stores in the US. You can see a list at SnusDistribution.com of some of their stores.  With Melon no longer being allowed in the US, this mean the products that will be sold in the US will be Jakobsson's Wintergreen Strong and Jakobsson's Mint Strong only.

The SnusCENTRAL article states, "All the Jakobsson's Snus products sold over-the-counter within the USA do so under a claim of Substantial Equivalence. FDA has determined that the Jakobsson's Melon Strong Portion snus product is not substantially equivalent to Gotlandssnus products marketed in the US as of the 15 February 2007 cut-off and over-the-counter sales must cease."

The more disheartening news is that Gotlandssnus is dropping six products.

Jimmy Karlsson from Gotlandssnus shared some input on our Facebook Page, saying, "But it's just for the lack of sales on those products.  Gotlandssnus is growing big and we want to put effort on the big products. Gotland's Anis Loose has just been sold locally the last [few] years. New products are coming in 2015 that we believe in."

Gotland’s Julesnus Los - The SnusCENTRAL article says this is the last year we'll see Julesnus Los.

Gotland’s Anis Loose - As far as I know, this hasn't been produced or sold in several years, so I'm unsure why this is on the list.

Jakobsson’s Classic Portion - I'm bummed to see this one going, it's one I always recommend to people who are new to snus because it's a good transitional product from American "snus" to Swedish Snus.

Jakobsson’s Classic Strong - Another one that I suggested to people new to snus due to it's flavor being a cross between the classic Swedish Snus taste but designed to appeal to the American taste bud.  So it's sad to see this one go.

Jakobsson’s Licorice Portion - I still haven't reviewed this yet, but it was on my to-do list.  I guess I need to scratch that.  Though salmiak/black licorice isn't a popular flavor amongst Americans, I knew a lot of Swedes that like this product, so it's a shame to see it dropped.

Jakobsson’s Ice Fruit Portion - This was the first regular sized Swedish Snus I tried, and one I still recommend to people new to snus today.  So it's definitely a shame to see this one going.

So, what products does that leave us?  7 of the "core products", and assuming their produced next year - 4 seasonal products.  It's a shame that Flader is the only one of the core products from Gotlandssnus that remains from when I started snusing.

Remaining Products:

Core Products
Jakobsson's Flader
Jakobsson's Melon
Jakobsson's Melon Mini
Jakobsson's Classic Strong
Jakobsson's Wintergreen Mini
Jakobsson's Wintergreen
Jakobsson's Dynamite

Seasonal Products
Gotland's Pasksnus
Gotland's Hostsnus
Gotland's Sommarsnus
Gotland's Julesnus

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