25 July 2013

Jakobsson's Melon (Mini Portion) Review. 25 July 2013.

I recently picked up some of this new mini portion from The Northerner to check it out. Granted, I don't use mini portions very often, I was already a fan of this snus, having reviewed it last year. This is the first mini portion Gotlandssnus has released, and the quality on it is quite good. It's a very white pouch, not much run, and pretty light. So if you're a fan of smaller portions, you'll find this one to be quite adequate. As far as the snus itself, not much has changed from the full size portion. The aroma that comes through when you open a can is still very predominant, reminded me of bubblegum and watermelon (which I assume is the "melon" flavor in this one).

For a mini, it packs a pretty powerful flavor, and it comes on quite quick. The very fruity melon taste is present, and it reminds me, much like last time I wrote about it, of a watermelon bubblegum. Watermelon Bubblicious comes to mind. It's a great tasting snus, especially for the summertime. If you're into minis and like a fruity flavored snus, check this one out, it's definitely worth a taste.

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