Christmas comes early! Gotland's Julesnus Advance Review! 28 Oct 09.

When I came home today, I noticed a white envelope on my doorstep with a label on it that said "To the smiling, spiky haired blonde fella." Noticing the avatar on my blog/website, I quickly realized who that was addressed to and opened it up. To my surprise, a can of Gotland's Julesnus (Portion) and Gotland's Julesnus Lös!

Gotland's Julesnus (Portion):
I went straight for the portion can first. Having done a los earlier today, I wasn't quite in the los mood. Upon opening the can, a very pleasant, slightly sweet smell with subtle hints of cinnamon pulled me in and grabbed my attention. I have been looking forward to this for so long, I held the portion and was very excited about what I was about to experience. After putting the portion in, the flavors came on quick! From most websites and reviews I read, they said it tastes like "Christmas". So I didn't know what to expect. It could taste like wrapping paper and tape for all I know. But that wasn't the case. The flavor of pure cinnamon came on quickly, and as it began to mature, it mixed into an apple cider type flavor. Great! One of my favorite things about Christmas is warm apple cider, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was a predominant flavor in this. I picked up a light hint of cloves in the background but it was very mild and mixed quite well with the flavors I had already experienced. The flavors lasted quite a while, and after thoroughly enjoying this, I moved onto the ös.

Gotland's Julesnus (Lös)
When I opened up the can of lös, I found a very moist, very fresh product with the same sweet, pleasant aroma I picked up from the portion can, with small hints of cinnamon throughout. I grabbed my trusty Icetool, put together a quick 3 click, and away I went. One thing I love most about lös, is in almost all of them, they are slightly different from their portion counterpart, but the flavors are usually more pure, and either swing one of two ways - more enhanced or more mild and mellow. This one had the same great flavor of the portion - cinnamon, apple cider, and a hint of cloves, but was more mild and gentle than the portion. I kept this pris in for quite a while, enjoying every moment and saving all the great flavors that came in with this.

Although it's not Christmas, I can appreciate Julesnus from Gotland's for the great Christmas product it is. This is my first Christmas as a non smoker. And I anticipate using Julesnus this year as I'm creating memories with my family that this snus alludes to with every unique flavor I experience as I enjoy this snus.