20 April 2012

Jakobsson's Classic Portion Review. (Discontinued) 21 April 2012.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

I'm surprised I've never reviewed this. When I first started writing about snus in 2009, I used to hear about this one a lot from Larry from SnusCENTRAL, I think at one point in time he was really into it or something. Last year I reviewed Classic Strong which I thought was pretty good, the flavor was a very Americanized take on Swedish Snus, a classic flavor but slightly sweet. What's interesting to note is that a lot of times when you have a strong portion of a regular portion snus - the tastes are pretty much the same but with more nicotine in the strong portion than the regular strength portion. This snus is one of very few that I can recall that are completely opposite. But more on that later. The can of the Jakobsson's Classic is now in the same design as all of their snuses which have gone through a makeover - the black cans are out and the white cans are in with the Jakobsson's art. It's sad to see the black cans gone and the Gotlandssnus cans gone, but the new cans aren't bad looking. I just liked the older ones more. I'm glad they kept the cool little compass art in the catch lid, I dunno why - but I always found that to be quite cool.

The aroma of this snus is a very citrusy aroma, but it leans more towards orange than bergamot. It almost reminds me of the smell you get from Offroad Original Portion. The portions are quite full and require very little fluffing before putting them in your lip. The taste is great - a very classic Swedish flavor profile but leaning more towards orange than lemon/bergamot when it comes to the flavor. Jakobsson's Classic isn't as sweet as Jakobsson's Classic Strong, so it has a very classic and traditional Swedish Snus flavor. I'm really enjoying it. I had a reader of my blog send me an email and ask me the question, "If every snus is flavored with citrus/bergamot - how do I know which one is for me?" It is true that citrus/bergamot is a very common flavor but one thing I've noticed is that it's a lot like when a woman repaints the kitchen - and I know some of you guys out there know what I'm talking about. There has to be at least 872 shades of yellow. To us - all we see is yellow. Guys think in 16 bit color schemes, like Windows default setting in the 90's. The same is true of snus, the longer you use it the more you'll pick up on and appreciate the subtle differences that make every "citrus/bergamot" flavored snus taste different. After trying them all eventually you'll find one that has a flavor profile that is perfect for you. There may be tons of different takes on citrus when it comes to snus, but they're all different and unique in their own way. So, Jakobsson's Classic, I really dig this snus and could see myself ordering more of it in the future. If you're into the classic Swedish taste definitely check it out.

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