08 May 2009

Jakobsson's Ice Fruit - Review. Updated: 9 November 2015.

Over a year ago, I reported that Gotlandssnus was going to discontinue 6 products, one of which was Jakobsson's Ice Fruit.  Here we are in November 2015 and it still remains for sale.  So I'm not sure whether or not this snus is discontinued or going to be pulled from rotation or not.  But I'm leaving this review up anyway.

The product description says, "Jakobsson’s is a premium snus produced from especially chosen raw materials – a mixture of the finest tobacco types collected from all corners of the world. Jakobsson's Ice-Fruit snus has a soft, fruity taste with a fresh, icy undertone."

I opened up the can and immediately smelled a tropical fruit smell, followed by an undertone of mint.  The portions are quite full, as is common of most Gotlandssnus/Jakobsson's Products and required very little fluffing before putting it in the lip. After I put a portion in I noticed the taste reminded me of something but I couldn't put my finger on it.  After a few days of enjoying this snus I finally figured it out - it tastes just like Juicy Fruit gum!  If you've ever had that before you know what I mean, but if you haven't - it's hard to place a flavor with Juicy Fruit gum.  It tastes a lot like a cross between banana/peach/pineapple/jackfruit.  It's hard to explain, but I can say this - it's a very fresh and fruity taste.  It's closer to a tropical fruit taste if I had to place it.  I enjoy this snus a lot in the summer time, but I order it from time to time to mix things up.  You really can't go wrong with Ice Fruit!


  1. Thanks for the info. I've been looking for a good review of this--I have some ordered and am trying the traditional Swedish Snus after liking the American Camel Frost variety (which I understand isn't a "true snus" to snus afficiandos, but hey, I like it). I'm not the biggest fan of raw tobacco taste--but I do like my nicotine!


  2. I hope your transition is going well. I know it's a long road, and hard to find good info, but I've been doing my best to get it out there through this blog - and my website, Snubie.com.