05 September 2013

Camel "SNUS" Frost Large Pouches (2013) Review. 5 September 2013.

Disclaimer: Granted, I do write about American "SNUS" and "snus" from time to time, but the focus of my blog/website is introducing people to REAL Swedish Snus. When it comes to snus, REAL Snus comes from Sweden. There's a difference, and the difference is big. Please read this article to learn the difference for yourself. It's the reason, in American "snus" articles, I put "snus" in quotation marks, because they call it "snus", but it's not REAL snus.

RJ Reynold's decided it was time to make Camel "SNUS" even bigger than before, and as of early September, 2013, they have released a new version of their popular "snus", Frost. The press release from RJR states, " In response to adult snuser demand, Camel SNUS Frost, the No. 1 selling snus in America, is now available nationwide in a one-gram pouch. Camel SNUS Frost Large offers the same cool, refreshing taste consumers of Camel SNUS Frost have come to expect—just in a larger size. Camel SNUS Frost Large became available nationwide on Sept. 2, 2013.The one-gram pouch offers 70% more tobacco than regular Camel SNUS. Camel SNUS will now be available in both sizes at retail, offering adult tobacco consumers more choices. As trends in tobacco use change, Camel is transforming by offering adult smokers options, like Camel SNUS, to consider switching to." Enter Camel SNUS Frost Large Pouches.

Though I’m not a fan of American “SNUS”, I have reviewed all of the flavors of Camel “SNUS” - Frost (Regular Size), Frost (Large Size), Mellow, Robust, Winterchill and Mint.

I've discussed Camel "SNUS" numerous times. I've written about the difference between REAL Swedish Snus and American knock-off "SNUS" (Skoal, Camel, Marlboro), I've done comparison articles of Marlboro vs Camel "SNUS", I've reviewed Camel Mellow, Camel Robust and Winterchill, the second round reincarnation of Camel Robust and Winterchill, and another article about just why I'm so hard on American "SNUS". So granted, I do prefer and write about Swedish Snus, but I do write, periodically, about the American knock-off products. Mainly to help educate people on the difference between American and Swedish Snus, and to try and help convert people to a better product. Read the article linked above about the difference between American "SNUS"/"snus" and Swedish Snus if you're curious.

The new portions are huge. Like majorly huge. If you look at this size comparison, from left to right, a Swedish Original Portion, a Swedish White Portion, a Swedish Long Portion, and an American Camel "SNUS" Frost Large Portion. It's ridiculously huge. It's the size of a maxi Swedish Snus. Granted, that's not bad - I like a maxi from time to time, but it's kind of silly to make your flagship snus a maxi sized snus. Larry from SnusCENTRAL recently wrote about Camel Frost Large and I commented, "Objectively, a small pile of shit and a bigger pile of shit is still just that - shit. Make it bigger, make it smaller, I honestly could care less, until an American company can make a snus that isn't "SNUS" and is on par with the quality I can expect from a Swedish Snus, they can get lost. Just my two cents." So the snus is bigger, is it better? Well, yes and no.

The original Camel "SNUS" incarnations were VERY dry, like somebody unrolled a cigarette and put it in a portion. This picture is from the last round of Camel "SNUS" I reviewed in 2009. Since then, the product quality has actually improved. And by product quality, I mean simply the presentation of the actual tobacco inside the portion.
The tobacco is now ground more finely, and is more moist than the original Camel "SNUS" offerings. It still isn't as moist as the 50% average of Swedish Snus, but I will say it's probably getting close to that mark. And that's the only nice thing I plan on saying about this snus. It's improved in quality, but the portion is still too big, the fact that the cans are no longer refrigerated is also a turn off for me when it comes to this snus. The aroma will knock you out, it's strong and sweet and like a blend of peppermint and natural mint oil. There is a cooling effect with the flavor, and a small nicotine hit that doesn't last very long (like a Swedish Mini Snus), and a sickingly sweet flavor that become utterly unbearable after about 10 minutes. The flavor of peppermint and natural mint oil fades quickly until all you taste is sugar.

That's about all I can say about this. The portion is bigger, a little too big, and uncomfortable for regular use. The tobacco quality has improved, but the nicotine hit is still weak, and seems to be designed as more of a supplement to a smoker than a replacement. Perhaps so RJ Reynolds can keep you smoking their cigarettes as well as using their snus. Swedish Snus, however, has a strong enough nicotine content that you can quit smoking by switching to snus, instead of using it as a supplement. The flavor is still disgustingly sweet, and becomes unbearable after a short time of using it. The product quality has improved, but that's about it. It's still a terrible knock-off of sub par quality when compared to Swedish Snus. Avoid it if you can, and try REAL Snus. It's much better. If you're a fan of mint, check out this article we did on the best mint flavors of Swedish Snus - you can find a much better product suggestion there!


  1. Thanks, great to read this review, though I have no plans to ever try Camel or any other american SNUS. I fortunately learned about Swedish snus first, so did not go thru the wasted suffering of using knock-off snus-like products. Americans should look for General brand, that's the only widely available Swedish brand in the US right now. go to generalsnus.com and use their "store locator" to find the nearest retailer that actually carries it, it ain't available everywhere.

  2. I started off with Camel Frost then migrated to General Snus White Portion Mint. I also will use Camel Frost Large in a pinch. I never liked Camel's orginal snus size. Its more tubular and never felt right in my lip. I think Camel has gotten there in terms of moisture.

    Im not making excuses for American Snus but I think when Camel's Snus products are selling like hot cakes there doing something right. Every nations flavor profile usually differs greatly. Take candy for instance..Americans like Minty candies, some countries like Mexico like spicy candy. Camel's flavor resonates with the preferences of most Americans.

    I think a great deal with how American Snus is presented is do to our adverse perception of dip and chewing tobacco users. A round can of Snus resembles dip..which is a turn off. As a result American Snus for the most part come in non standard containers. I find Swedish Snus is alot more moist but makes me salivate more. A lower moisture pouch avoids that so a snus user is not associated with a dipper.

    Just my two cents.

  3. Montecristo Snus is the way to go! Cuban goodness...

  4. Montecristo Snus is the way to go!

  5. I live in Georgia and am limited to what they have in stores. Most places are still in the dark about Snus and I reek lucky to even find Camel frost.

  6. which flavor is for menthol smokers?