09 July 2015

Camel "SNUS" Frost - Review. 9 July 2015

Frost is available in both regular and large pouches. Reviews of both of these products are now at this article. I merged them to make it easier to read. 

Click here to go to the reviews of both products!


  1. Haha! Awesome Chad! I love reading/watching your reviews of this Camel garbage. I broke down last summer and bought a can of the Camel "mellow." I am a full-time student & cannot deal with the cost of PACT shipping right now. I am a light dipper/snuser & a little goes a long way. Anyway, real snus is unknown where I live and dip is king. It is a real relief just to be able to walk into a store and buy a can of Camel or Copenhagen for 3 - 4 bucks, have it for literally a year (I am a light dipper, for real) rather than have to buy 150 dollars worth of snus from Northerner or something. Overkill for me. So I bought that Camel "snus" well aware of your admonishments (and those of others) and put it in my lip and... the taste was of burnt marshmallow, sweet, more burnt marshmallow, and about 20 minutes in, the slightest hint of an actual Camel cigarette. No joke. The follow up taste was exactly as if I had unrolled a Camel cigarette & had put it into my lip. And I know that because as a teenager I would occasionally suck on cigarette tobacco just to taste it. American Camel snus is gross. Still have the can & probably half a dozen pouches left sitting in my freezer. On the plus side I read a scientific study off JSTOR courtesy of my university and science seems to indicate that Camel snus has virtually no TSNA's and the researchers I read literally recommended that US dippers switch to Camel "snus" due to the health benefits. So sad because I'm back to Copenhagen as I just can't tolerate Camel "snus." Absolute garbage.

    1. If you want to try a safer dip, Swedish Match owns Pinkerton, makers of Timberwolf, Longhorn and Redman. They use a similar pasteurization process to make those products that they use with Swedish Snus and those products have the lowest carcinogens/TSNA levels of any American moist snuff. If you can't find any Swedish Snus locally or buy online, that's always an option!

    2. Thanks for that head's up. I was vaguely aware that SM owned some brands here in the US & was using pasteurization on certain American dips. There is also an American brand, "Seneca" that I have seen online and on Youtube which looks tasty and is also pasteurized. Presently based on your reviews I am holding out for the Islay Lös and I think when that gets released I am going to spend the money and put in for a large order of the Copenhagen-esque snuses i.e. Probe, Grov, General Smokey Oak, Islay & maybe at that point Offroad will have some bites or something funky in their lineup through Snus Central. You know, the irony of all this is I got into snus a year after you did and went to American dip because I just couldn't get the flavor I associate with tobacco out of the snus pouches. General, maybe the purest tobacco flavor out of the bunch, tasted to me, like spent cigarette butts and after my immersion into the snus world I just grew fed up of the bergamot obsession the Swedes have. In reference to "Firecured"... no disrespect sir. I think all of this stuff is very subjective but I agree with Chad and other snus reviews I've seen where I think they hit it on the head as Swedish snus is on many levels a much more refined, nuanced, product but if you like it, awesome. I have a thing for cheap cigars. I've had Monterey Excalibers, Punch, the whole deal and for me... I prefer Backwoods from Walmart, and not just because of the price, I love the flavor! To each his own!

    3. It took me quite a while to get into General Snus. I couldn't stand it when I started, the smell turned me off and the taste was disgusting.

      As my tastes matured, I grew to appreciate and respect the flavor of General and it's been all I've used for over 5 years. Well, 80% of the time. I mix in other flavors to mix it up, but General has been my regular.

  2. Great review. I happen to like Camel Snus, but its good to see a well reasoned counterpoint.