Camel "SNUS" Frost (Large & Regular Size) - Review. 5 September 2013.

Disclaimer: I do not consider Camel "SNUS" to be real snus.  I wrote this article about the differences between American "snus" and real Swedish Snus, so please check that out.  Also, I put "SNUS" in quotation marks because I do not consider this product to be actual snus.

That being said, I'm going to review Camel Frost "SNUS" today.  I have to give this product props, because without Camel Frost, there would be no  Camel Frost was the first snus-branded product I ever tried, and from there I discovered real Swedish Snus.  I'm reviewing it because it is my hope that people looking for info on Camel Mint "SNUS" will find this article and I can hopefully convince them to switch to REAL Swedish Snus.  Though I’m not a fan of American “SNUS”, I have reviewed all of the flavors of Camel “SNUS” - Frost (Regular Size)Frost (Large Size)MellowRobustWinterchill and Mint.

The flavor description for Camel "SNUS" Frost says, "Camel Frost Snus has a refreshing flavor of spearmint."  The large version comes in a 15 gram can with 15 portions for 1.0  gram portions.  The regular size version comes in a 9 gram can with 15 portions for 0.6 gram portions.  The nicotine content, according to a BMJ study, is around 1.5mg/portion.  I'm not sure if that's for the large or regular size.  If it is for the regular size, I assume the large size is a touch stronger, maybe 2.5-3mg/portion.

To compare Camel "SNUS" to real Swedish Snus. I wanted to open a portion of each and show you the tobacco quality.  As you can see, the Swedish Snus pictured on the left is of much higher quality than the American "snus" pictured to the right.  Now, this may not matter to some, but to me this is something important.  When I use a snus product I want to use one that has high quality ingredients, and this is where Camel falls short.  Camel "SNUS" also falls short in terms of flavor, longevity, and nicotine strength when compared to real Swedish Snus as well.  But more on that later.

Camel "SNUS" Frost: Regular Size

When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is a very, very sweet smell of spearmint. There's a musty quality to it, which I suspect may be due to lower qualities of tobacco being used. The portions are slim, and comfortable in the lip. They are a little on the dry side, however. Being a mint flavored product, you do get a nice cooling presence in the lip. They call it a "tingle" on the back of the can. The flavor is an overly sweet flavor of spearmint. Much like the aroma, there is this musty quality to it which, again, I suspect is from low quality tobacco. I can't keep these in for too long because they get to be too sweet for me and the aftertaste isn't very pleasant. I don't really feel much nicotine from these, even when I put two in. They feel to be on the lower end of the spectrum, close to a mini portion Swedish Snus in terms of strength.

Camel "SNUS" Frost: Large Size

This one is the same as the regular size one except two areas: size and nicotine.  The pouch is a 1 gram pouch instead of the 0.6 gram size of the smaller one.  This one fills out the lip a little better.  It's bigger than the smaller size one, but most portions I'm used to are around the 1 gram size, so it feels fine.  I don't have to use two of these to feel nicotine, but it is still on the lower end of the spectrum.  It feels comparable to a mini portion Swedish Snus product.  But the aroma, "tingle", flavor, and longevity - all the same as the regular size Camel Frost.

If you want to quit smoking with snus, I suggest buying some real snus locally first - hit up the store locators for General Snus or Thunder Xtreme to try real snus out.  If you want a bigger variety, you can always buy online and have access to hundreds of real Swedish Snus products!


  1. Thanks, great to read this review, though I have no plans to ever try Camel or any other american SNUS. I fortunately learned about Swedish snus first, so did not go thru the wasted suffering of using knock-off snus-like products. Americans should look for General brand, that's the only widely available Swedish brand in the US right now. go to and use their "store locator" to find the nearest retailer that actually carries it, it ain't available everywhere.

  2. I started off with Camel Frost then migrated to General Snus White Portion Mint. I also will use Camel Frost Large in a pinch. I never liked Camel's orginal snus size. Its more tubular and never felt right in my lip. I think Camel has gotten there in terms of moisture.

    Im not making excuses for American Snus but I think when Camel's Snus products are selling like hot cakes there doing something right. Every nations flavor profile usually differs greatly. Take candy for instance..Americans like Minty candies, some countries like Mexico like spicy candy. Camel's flavor resonates with the preferences of most Americans.

    I think a great deal with how American Snus is presented is do to our adverse perception of dip and chewing tobacco users. A round can of Snus resembles dip..which is a turn off. As a result American Snus for the most part come in non standard containers. I find Swedish Snus is alot more moist but makes me salivate more. A lower moisture pouch avoids that so a snus user is not associated with a dipper.

    Just my two cents.

  3. Montecristo Snus is the way to go! Cuban goodness...

  4. Montecristo Snus is the way to go!

  5. I live in Georgia and am limited to what they have in stores. Most places are still in the dark about Snus and I reek lucky to even find Camel frost.

  6. which flavor is for menthol smokers?

  7. Mine keep coming apart after they get moist, what is the problem?


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