25 September 2012

Nick & Johnny Black Tarmac Review. (Discontinued) 26 September 2012.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Another part of our trip to DC was being the first to try the new Nick & Johnny Black Tarmac (Strong Licorice). I know, you'll probably quote me as when I review a mint snus, but with licorice. "The world needs another licorice snus like I need another hole in my head." True, there are many, and I've reviewed a few in the past. LD Black/Salmiak, Offroad Licorice White, Catch Collection Still - Violet/Licorice, Oden's Lakrits, Fellinni/Offroad Mini Lakrits and Offroad White Lakrits Small. There's tons more that I haven't even got to yet, mainly because I don't like Licorice. The GN one, Oden's Lakrits, was actually pretty good because it tasted like a black Jelly Belly, and I don't mind those. So - what's so new about this one? Well, it's part of the ever expanding N&J line, which now includes Nick & Johnny White Heat, Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice, Nick & Johnny Original Edge, Nick  & Johnny Radical Red and now Nick & Johnny Black Tarmac. Strange name, but surprisingly good snus.

Yes, you read that right. This snus is really good. This is a strong portion, so like other N&J snuses, so it's right around 15.4 mg/g of nicotine. What's different about this snus? Everything. It's like no other licorice I've ever had. When you open the can, the smell is a mild licorice smell, but with that earthy/leathery tobacco smell that's common of most Nick & Johnny snuses. The portions are quite full, plump and fluffed, ready to go in the lip. The mouthfeel is great, very soft portions. The taste is what surprised me. The licorice is not bold or strong at all, it's not in your face. To me, it's almost like the regular Nick & Johnny Classic taste - the earthy/leathery tobacco taste but with hints of licorice. The flavors are in balance with each other so you're not just tasting licorice, but the tobacco taste is very present as well. I really like that about this snus, and it's something that I haven't experienced before. So even if you are or aren't a licorice fan, pick some up and try it. Black Tarmac - funny name, tasty snus.

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  1. Greetings from Finland!
    Dude I really like your blog, nice work!
    I often drool over the snuses you get to taste, it's pretty hard to get your hands on "special" snuses here.
    Anyways, have you tried Chaini Khani snus? One of the most spiced snuses I'v tried! Would be fun to hear your opinion.