10 May 2011

Nick and Johnny: Crushed Ice (Original Portion) Review. 10 May 2011.

When I first heard about this I had mixed thoughts. One - did the snusworld REALLY need another mint snus? And two - Okay, maybe it could be good. After all - a strong mint snus is a welcome addition, currently the crown held by Thunder Frosted for strongest mint snus could use a new contender. Selection is always good, and variety is never a bad thing. This snus is different than any mint snus I've ever tried, that's for sure.

When I first opened the can (and as several other reviewers have noted) a really interesting thing happens. The aroma of wintergreen comes through, followed behind by a little spearmint aroma with an almost herbal like quality to it, much like the Jakobsson's Mint. The portions are very dark and moist and very comfortable in the lip along with a nice little tingle and a cooling sensation. The taste of this is really interesting. I went through a half a can of it yesterday and I got the same thing every time. The flavor seems to start with a presence of wintergreen, then develops into a spearmint taste, then settles into a nice traditional mint taste much like General Mint. There is a very nice herbal quality to this snus and a noticable taste of earthy tobacco in the background, much like the classic Nick and Johnny Snus. It packs a nice little nic kick, and the flavor endures for quite sometime, I've been able to keep these in for the 1.5 hour mark and still have lots of flavor to enjoy. So in the end, it's a pretty good tasting snus with a really unique flavor. The blending of all those different qualities make this snus stand alone in the taste department.

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