26 August 2010

Nick And Johnny Strong White Review (Discontinued). 26 August 2010.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Last year I went through a sterk/strong portion phase. My nicotine standard was so high that I got to the point where I couldn't enjoy regular portions because I was chainsnusing sterks all the time. I gradually began to back it down and got to the point where I use 90%-95% regular portions with a sterk on occasion. That being said, I like the way Swedish Match does their nicotine content. The middle ground that Nick and Johnny falls into is just that little extra I need from time to time. Granted, sometimes I do reach for the 17mg-19mg superstrong portions, but for the most part when I need a little extra I find a Nick and Johnny (at 11mg of nicotine per portion), General Sterk (also 11mg), or a General Onyx (also, 11mg) to be right up my alley. That little kick of nicotine that is just a tad stronger than a regular portion works for me. I also prefer White Portions, so when I heard the unique taste of Nick and Johnny was coming to a white portion, I was pretty excited.

It's interesting to note that these do not come in the star formation, which is common of most Swedish Match premium white portion products.  Crushed Ice White by Nick and Johnny comes in a star formation, so it's odd that this one doesn't.

When you open a can, the aroma of citrus is very present with a spicy kick wrapped around it. This comes through in the flavor as well. Nick and Johnny is one that isn't short in the flavor department. There's alot going on when it comes to flavor of this snus. The citrus flavor isn't the most predominant flavor as you would expect, this being something most of us have grown to expect from a traditional flavored snus. Nick and Johnny White has a great flavor balance with leathery tones, earthy flavors, and a pleasant smokey tobacco taste as well tied together with a mild salt balance and a spicy kick to it. The citrus flavor is present, but balanced. It's a really unique snus if you haven't had the chance to try it yet. Great new snus from Swedish Match!

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