New Snus News! 30 March 2012.

Swedish Match is dropping some new snus in the first week of May 2012. First up is something that sounds pretty exciting. A white long portion that isn't General flavored, but rather has an interesting and different flavor. Catch Black Currant White Long - Mild tobacco taste with clear hints of black currant and mint, as well as a little violet and spice.

Next up is a new General Long and quite possibly the longest snus name I've ever heard. General Long White Extra Strong - A portion-packed General snus with higher nicotine level. With the classic General flavor – a full-bodied, spicy tobacco taste with pronounced notes of bergamot and hints of hay, green grass and stable.

Goteborg's Rape is also getting a redesign, probably to match the new Lime release. I'm pretty excited about the new lime snus because it's a flavor that rarely appears in the snus world. And it just sounds damn tasty. Göteborgs Rapé White Portion Lime - A medium-bodied tobacco taste with distinct notes of lime and mint, along with hints of lavender and green grass.

Last but not least from Swedish Match is the newest in the Catch Collection - Spring Street. As we were told in NYC, each of these releases is being named after streets in New York. Catch Collection Spring Street White Mini - Mild nutty tobacco flavor with distinct hints of apple, cinnamon, a little ginger and a rounded sweetness. Now that just sounds tasty, Apple Cinnamon? Sign me up.

Also new on the market from V2 is a mini release of Offroad Licorice. That should be available now - if now now in the coming days. Lots of new and exciting stuff and more to come so stay tuned!