Knox Karaktär Red (White Portion) Review. 5 May 2023.

In the fall of 2021, Skruf launched Knox Red White, a limited edition snus with a red berry taste.  It proved popular enough that Skruf brought it back full time!  It is now a member of the Knox Karaktär line, which includes Knox Blue, Knox Blue Stark White, and the newly added Knox Purple!  The flavor description on this one says, "a classic tobacco flavor that is topped with tasty tones of red berries".  The can weighs 19.2 grams.  I counted 24 portions in the can, which would be about 0.8g each.  The nicotine content, from Skruf's website, says 12mg/g, which would be 9.6mg/portion.  Just a little over regular strength, but not quite a stark, in times of nicotine per portion.

So, to preface this, if you had the previous Knox Red Limited Edition, this one is the same thing.  I don't notice any differences at all in terms of product quality or flavor.  The only real change is the label.  Opening up the can, I notice a red berry aroma.  It's not super sweet, and is pretty gentle.  To me, it seems to be a nix of strawberry and a little raspberry.  The portions are nice and plump, soft, with a comfortable mouthfeel.  In the flavor, I pick up mostly strawberry, but a mixing of raspberry.  There's a hint of tobacco in the background, but it isn't too overbearing for those who aren't into that sort of thing.  The nicotine strength on this one feels about regular, though it's just a little above on paper.  I find the flavor lasts a solid hour!

Rating and Final Thoughts

Overall, a pretty solid snus.  It's a pretty well balanced, enjoyable flavor.  If you like a berry taste, this is one you can use all day long.  I put it right at 3.67/5.  I'm glad Skruf brought it back, because it was a tasty snus, and people seemed to really like it.  I like the One Red snus a lot, and this one reminds me of that one in some ways, but is a wee bit sweeter in terms of berries used.  It's pretty good stuff!

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