11 February 2015

Knox Blue (White Portion) Review. 11 February 2015.

Review Updated: 8 October 2017

This summer, I hosted the first ever Snus Con in St. Louis. Jonas Yden, Global Smokeless Director for Skruf, came to speak at the event. During his presentation I learned that Knox, made by Skruf, is the number 2 brand in Sweden.   It had been a while since I reviewed Knox Blue White, so I decided to revisit it and check it out all over again! I reviewed the Knox X (Blue) Slim White earlier this year so I decided to revisit the regular size version, as well. The flavor description for this product says, "Knox Blue has a classic tobacco flavor with hints of lavender and citrus." This product comes in a 21.6 gram can with 24 portions, for 0.9 gram portions. The nicotine content is 11mg/g (1.1%), which breaks down to 9.9mg/portion.

When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is that of juniper with light herbal notes and a mild floral presence. The portions are very comfortable and feel quite full in the lip. The juniper taste is very present, and the herbal flavors and floral notes mix very mildly in the background but compliment the juniper taste very well. There's also a mild tobacco character in the background that you'll notice the longer you eave the portion in. It's a very long lasting flavor, as well. I've found I can enjoy this snus for a little over an hour!  The nicotine kick feels to be about regular strength, as well.  All in all, this is a pretty good snus.  If you like the juniper flavor profile and want to try something different in that same flavor category, this is worth picking up and giving a try!

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