Knox Karaktär Blue Stark (White Portion) Review. 10 December 2020.

Review Updated:  5 May 2023

In February of 2015, Skruf launched Knox Blue, a budget priced alternative to the popular Göteborgs Rapé snus.  Since then, other companies have made juniper products, and they have largely come and go, but Knox Blue is really the only one that has stayed on the market.  Now, Skruf has released a stark white portion version of Knox Blue, delivering higher nicotine with the same taste of Knox Blue White Portion!  The flavor description says it has a "traditional tobacco character with elements of lavender, citrus, and pine”.  The can weighs 19.2 grams.  I counted 24 portions, which would be 0.8g each.  The nicotine content, from Skruf's website, says 14mg/g, which would be 11.2mg/portion.
One new change to this is that it's called Knox "Karaktär" now.  Of course you can tell what that translates to.  But, the design and name change is the only thing I've noticed about this one as far as changes go.  It seems to be the same product as before.  When you open the can, a clear, herbal, juniper character greets you along with floral tones from lavender, and a subtle hint of pine.  The portions are pretty soft to the touch, well filled, and plump in the lip.  In terms of the flavor, it's pretty solid.  The taste is gentle, and well balanced.  I pick up subtle notes of juniper with a light hint of pepper.  The taste profile is complimented by lightly sweet, floral notes of lavender, a hint of pine, and a very faint touch of citrus.  The nicotine strength on this one feels to be above regular strength, so it definitely hits at the strong level.  I also notice the flavor to last quite a while, up to about the hour mark!

Rating and Final Thoughts

This is a pretty solid product, honestly.  I use Göteborgs Rapé as one of my two full time products, but if I had to switch to one, I could easily switch to this.  It's got a gorgeous can, comfy portions, and a pretty solid taste.  

It's definitely one worth checking out if you're looking for a snus to mix up your rotation.  If you're a fan of juniper, you definitely should check this one out.  It's great to see other companies doing more with this flavor category, because it's very underrepresented on the snus market!

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