Small Batch 12 (Pink Grapefruit) White Portion - Review. 8 November 2019.

The latest release in Swedish Match's Small Batch series brings a flavor seldom seen in snus products - grapefruit! And not just any grapefruit, but pink grapefruit! Apparently, pink grapefruit has a lot of health benefits. Over the years, I've only seen two grapefruit snus products: Catch Sour Mint in 2013, and Skruf Solglimt earlier this year. I'm hoping this is a growing trend and we'll see more companies making grapefruit flavored products.  At the end of this review you can see my rankings of all of the Small Batch products and links to those reviews if you want to catch up on the series so far. If you're new to Small Batch, this is how Swedish Match describes it: "We at Swedish Match have produced thousands of products over the course of a few hundred years. Our experts are experts in the correct sense of the word. But they have not been tired of developing new ideas. In order for them to get that opportunity - and for Swedish snusers to be able to share it all - we now launch a new range of products called Small Batch, where the flavor is replaced several times a year. Each flavor is produced in a small edition."

The flavor description for this one says, "Pink Grapefruit is a taste far more complex than the name indicates. The slightly light bitter, peeled and sour grapefruit comes with hints of dried meadow flowers and lingonberries on a bed of light tobacco with tones of rosehip, tea and cocoa."  Each can comes with 24 white portions in the star formation, weighing 1 gram each.  The nicotine content isn't published, but I'd assume it's in the regular strength to strong range.

When you open the can, the aroma is a mild but tart presence of grapefruit with a light floral presence. The portions are in the star formation, so I suggest fluffing them when you get them out of the can, to help loosen the tobacco up inside the pouch.  The flavor description I pulled from the Swedish Match website sounds complex, but honestly I don't notice a lot of that stuff in the flavor.  I don't taste lingonberries, tea, or cocoa.  The grapefruit flavor is front and center - and comes through in a fresh, natural, tart way.  There is a light floral presence in the background, and a very mild tobacco character as well.  As mentioned before, they don't publish the nicotine strength for these but if I had to place it I'd say it's regular strength, comparable to 8mg/g snus.  The flavor lasts a pretty good amount of time, usually up to about an hour on average!

I really enjoyed the flavor of this one.  I love the taste of grapefruit, and I think this one captured it very well!

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