Small Batch 10 (Rosé) White Portion - Review. 10 July 2019.

Swedish Match has released the tenth snus in their Small Batch series, this one with the flavor of Rosé! The Small Batch series has included some unique flavors, and at the end of this review you can see my rankings of all of them and links to those reviews. If you aren't familiar with Rosé, it's a pink wine, and to me it's more of a summer taste. To me, Rosé seems sweeter, but that may be because when it comes to wine I drink mostly Cabs. What's interesting about this one is that it is a new flavor, but not really. Swedish Match actually released this flavor a year ago, fpr Almedalen Week, which is a big political themed event in Sweden. As a snus lover and a political science major, this is right up my alley. The release was rather tongue in cheek, with Patrik Strömer, Secretary General of the Swedish Snus Producer Assocation, saying "Imagine if we had a government that had stood up for the snus industry the same way French politicians stand up for their wine industry". Yes, indeed.

The flavor description for this one says it has a "crisp, lightly bitter, refreshing citrus with tones of peach, red apples, and a finely tuned floral presence, complemented by a light, aromantic tobacco." This one comes in the white portion format, with a 24 gram can containing 24 portions at 1 gram each. I'm not sure what the nicotine strength is, they don't list it for these products.

When you open the can, the aroma is a bright citrus smell with hints of peach and a light floral sweetness. The portions are soft, but do require fluffing as they come in the star formation format. The flavor is a lot like the aroma, it's a very crisp taste. The citrus flavor is mild, and tart. There's also a lightly sweet floral presence behind it, and hints of peach. It's a really nice summer flavor. I find the flavor lasts up to about an hour, on average, and the nicotine feels to be about the regular strength level.  I enjoyed this one though.  If it were available again in the future it would be something I'd grab a can or two of, especially for the warm summer months. If you like Rosé wine, or fruity flavored snus, this one may be right up your alley.

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