26 October 2018

Thunder Long Cut: Original, Raspberry & Frosted (Chewing Tobacco) - Reviews. 26 October 2018.

Someone recently asked me to review the Thunder Long Cut "chew" products sold by Mirage Distribution in the Czech Republic. I totally forgot that I had these in the freezer and never reviewed them, so I broke them out for review today! These products are also sold in other parts of the EU; I've heard a friend in the UK say he's bought them there, as well. These are products that are pasteurized in the same way as snus, but labeled as "chewing tobacco" so they can legally be sold in the EU. What is different about these products is that they are long cut, which is something we usually only see with American "dip"/Moist Snuff products!

Long Cut is, again, something you don't see very often in the snus world. However, of all the snus companies, V2 Tobacco is one that has made more Long Cut snus products than anyone else. I started reviewing snus in 2009, and since then I've reviewed quite a few of them! In June of 2010, I reviewed Offroad Long Cut: Red Blend. In October of 2010, I reviewed Offroad Long Cut: Orange and Offroad Long Cut: Apple. Next, I reviewed a few products in the Thunder line: Thunder Long Cut: Original in September of 2011, and Thunder Long Cut: Wintergreen in May of 2012.  Since then, the only Long Cut products they've released on the market are these.  These have been around for a while, just not available to the US.  Which is a shame, because I know a lot of dippers who have been asking for long cut snus!  And yes, I know these are technically "chewing tobacco", but they're made the same as snus, except cut different and branded as "chewing tobacco".

Now, let's get into the reviews!

Thunder Long Cut (Extra Strong): Frosted

The Thunder Frosted Long Cut has a "smooth long lasting spearmint taste" and comes in a 37 gram can. It has a nicotine strength of 16mg/g (1.6%).

When I open the can, the aroma that hits me is a mildly sweet smell of spearmint with a mild hint of tobacco. The tobacco itself is quite moist! I don't do much long cut, and this stuff isn't very easy to handbake, so I tried to clump as much of it together as possible to put under my upper lip. When I put it under my lip, I get a nice, fresh, cooling presence which I feel throughout the mouth. The taste is very much like regular Thunder Frosted Loose; a present, lightly sweet taste of spearmint! Being a loose product, I also notice a gentle, earthy tobacco character in the background, as well. I put about a gram of tobacco under my lip, and it feels to be right at the extra strong level. The tobacco itself stays together pretty well, though not as well as loose snus. I can usually keep this stuff in for around 30-40 minutes, depending on how well I can get it in place.

Thunder Long Cut (Extra Strong): Original

The Thunder Original Long Cut has a "traditional tobacco taste with hints of bergamot" and comes in a 37 gram can. It has a nicotine strength of 16mg/g (1.6%).

When I open the can the aroma that I pick up on is an earthy tobacco smell, a little smoke, and a hint of citrus. The tobacco, again, is quite moist and while I'm not an experienced Long Cut user, I was able to get a good amount of it packed under my upper lip. I find the flavor of this product reminds me a lot of the flavor of Thunder Original Los. There's a present tobacco taste that is dark, earthy, and slightly smoky. I also notice a very light hint of bergamot in the background, as well. Using about a gram of tobacco, the nicotine on this one also feels firmly at the extra strong level. On average, I've been able to keep this stuff in for about 30-40 minutes, depending on how well I pack the tobacco under my upper lip.

Thunder Long Cut (Extra Strong): Raspberry

The Thunder Raspberry Long Cut has a "delicious flavor mix of tobacco and raspberry" and comes in a 37 gram can. It has a nicotine strength of 16mg/g (1.6%).

I was interested to try this one, because of these three flavors, V2 doesn't make a loose snus version of the raspberry Thunder. In the past, I've reviewed Thunder Raspberry Extra Strong Snus, Thunder Raspberry Ultra Strong Snus, and Thunder Raspberry Ultra Strong Chew Bags, and I've always enjoyed their raspberry flavor!

When it comes to this product, the aroma is a natural, lightly sweet raspberry smell with a hint of tobacco.  The tobacco is quite moist, and I was able to get a solid amount of tobacco packed under my lip, and really enjoyed the flavor!  The taste is a lot like the portion version of Thunder Raspberry snus; there is a natural, lightly sweet, fruity taste of raspberry with a mild, earthy tobacco presence in the background.  It's really tasty stuff.  I put about a gram under my upper lip and found the nicotine strength on this one to feel right at that extra strong level.  On average, I was able to keep this stuff in for about 30-40 minutes, much the same as the others.  Of the three, this one was definitely my favorite.

As far as these products go, I enjoyed all three.  The raspberry, in my opinion, was the best one of them.  If you can get ahold of them, definitely try them out.  It's a shame these aren't available to the US, because I know US snusers would really dig them.

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