06 October 2010

Offroad Long Cut: Apple. Review. (Limited Edition) 6 October 2010.

NOTE:  This product was a limited edition release and is no longer for sale.

When I first heard about the new Offroad Long Cut series in June, I was pretty excited about the Red Blend and the Orange. But when I saw the 2nd of the 3 to be released was Apple, I lost some enthusiasm. For those who missed out - earlier last year there was an Offroad Apple Portion available for some time. Though I didn't actually post a review of it here, I found it to be one of the worst snuses I have ever put into my lip. It had a gross flavor that didn't hearken anywhere near apple, IMHO. To be honest, I was very hesitant to try this - but V2 has been improving in quality for some time now, so I decided it was time to revisit Apple as a snus flavor with this new Long Cut release. This is the second release and is currently available for sale at most snus e-stores, with Orange to follow shortly after. As I've mentioned before, this was a limited release, so once it's gone - it's gone!

When you open the can you're greeted with a very natural aroma of mellow apple mixed with a dark, heavy tobacco aroma. The long cut snus is very moist and soft, and is quite pinchable and bakeable. As I wasn't a dipper, I like to keep my lossnus/long cut snus packed, so I made a nice little prilla and inserted it into my lip. The snus is very soft and comfortable, and though the flavor takes a little bit to fully develop - the melding of the various elements of this snus produces a very fine outcome. Needless to say, not what I remember about Offroad branded Apple snus. This one is in a different league. Though I'm not sure how this was flavored, what I can say is that it mixes very perfectly two flavors - rich, dark tobacco with a very mellow and smooth Apple taste that isn't sickeningly sweet or overbearing, and gives the snuser a very delightful experience. A little salt balance rounds out the flavor on the backend and develops and mixes nicely with the other notes of this snus. Though I'm not a long cut kinda guy, I can appreciate the flavor of this snus, and I recommend it to any ex-dipper-snusers or those who like los.


  1. Offroad Apple portion was my favourite snus, but now I think they've stopped selling it. Do you know where I can get offroad apple? :)

  2. YEYE you can buy it from Northerner.com..

    It's more of dip actually it's not actually snus... (it's a long cut)

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  3. YEYE - Offroad Apple portion is no longer in production and I believe the long cut may be sold out now but check the webstores and see - SnusCentral.com, BuySnus.com and Northerner.com.