13 July 2015

Thunder Extra Strong Los - Review. 13 July 2015.

V2 Tobacco has really made some changes over the past few years.  Since moving into their new factory, the product quality of their snus has increased exponentially over what it was when I first started snus back in 2009.  One thing I've always praised V2 for is their nicotine. I wrote this article recently about Swedish Snus and Nicotine and remarked about how good V2 Tobacco is at having their total nicotine levels and free nicotine levels very close.  In simple terms - if they say a product is strong or extra strong, it delivers.  A lot of companies can make an Extra Stark snus that doesn't feel very strong, but with V2 snuses, they definitely deliver.

The product description of Thunder Extra Strong Los says, "Thunder snus is an extra strong / ekstra sterk / extra stark / snus with 16 mg/g nicotine. Thunder snus is made from the best hand selected tobaccos."  One thing I noticed upon opening the can is that it's a little more fine ground than the Offroad Los products.  I had to use an Icetool on this one to get a prilla put together.  The aroma is much the same as Thunder ES Portion, a bold tobacco smell and a touch of smoke aroma.  The taste is much more present in the los than the portions.  As I've mentioned a few times before, los gets you as close to the tobacco as possible.  The flavor is quite tasty, a strong, high quality tobacco flavor with hints of smoke and a touch of salt.  The prilla stayed together quite well for being more finely ground than the other Offroad los products I wrote about.  As far as tobacco-centric lossnus goes, there aren't many flavors out there than focus on the tobacco taste, but this is one of them and well worth a try if you're into loose!

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