17 April 2015

Skruf Original Stark Los (Ecological) (Discontinued) - Review. 17 April 2015.

This product has been discontinued and a new ecological los has been launched - Skruf Ecological Los (Regular Strength).

The last new product of the Skruf Ecological line I will be reviewing today is Skruf Stark Los. This is the one I was most excited about - because lossnus gets you as close to the tobacco as possible. If you're just tuning in, the new Skruf Ecological line are products from Skruf that contain 100% natural/ecological tobacco. There were three Stark products launched - Original Stark Portion, Original Stark White Portion and Original Stark Los. I actually just reviewed Skruf Original Stark Los a few months back, so the taste is still pretty fresh on my mind for comparison purposes. My buddy Nash that I run GoSmokeless.org with is a big fan of Skruf Stark Los.

When it comes to this one, the aroma is a very bold and rich tobacco smell. There is a very mild hint of bergamot - but the tobacco smell is powerful and it stays front and center in the aroma. The grind isn't quite as fine as the non-Ecological Skruf Stark Los, and is easier to handbake. I didn't have to use a snus portioning tool with this one.  This lossnus is quite moist, as well - which is something I really enjoy in a los product.  It stays together quite well in the lip with minimal mudslide.  It has a pretty decent nicotine kick; I've been baking 1 gram prillas and still feel a pretty decent hit when I have this in.  The tobacco taste of this one is much more bold and pronounced than the portion counterpart.  It's a very rich and earthy tobacco flavor.  I don't pick up the sweetness from the rose oil, but there is a mild hint of bergamot in the background.  There's also a nice hint of spiciness in the background from the pepper.  The tobacco flavor is definitely the star of this snus.  It's a pretty bold flavor.  Comparing this to the non-Ecological Skruf Stark Los - I don't get the rose oil taste in this one like I did in the old one.  The tobacco flavor is a little more rich, and the spiciness of the pepper flavor is a little more pronounced in this one.  The bergamot taste in this one is milder, and stays in the background.  It accents the tobacco flavor quite well in that it isn't in your face, and it doesn't take the attention from the taste of the tobacco.

If you're a fan of loose snus, this is definitely one to pick up and try - it packs a pretty fantastic flavor.

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